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Wives burovikov and seamen with Kola have received salaries of husbands

this week 40 days are executed from the moment of tragedy on a chisel platform « Kola ». From 67 crewmen have been rescued only 14 … Open Society Management « Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka » in the presence of numerous witnesses has declared that all relatives will receive payments. A leah it has been made, we have tried to find out.

the Governor has transferred money last year

From reserve fund of the government of Murmansk area in the end of December, 2011 means for families of crewmen, victims and missing persons have been allocated. On 500 thousand roubles for 27 Murmansk families. Six rescued crewmen have received on 100 thousand. The total sum of payments has made 14,6 million.

But there is more to come.

- For today Open Society management « Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka » has in full paid to workers or their relatives of the salary on December, 18th inclusive, indemnifications of holidays. All results on the days off and other affairs are lined. Money has been listed on sberknizhki, they could be received also, having written the application, in enterprise cash desk, - the chairman of oil and gas trade union on Murmansk area of Rostislav Zagorodnev has told. – Administration AMNGR has met in this question. As you understand, if at the wife of the victim who was missing, there was no card of the husband to receive its money for it would be problematic. The law on inheritance here comes into force. Problems managed to be avoided.

And the owner chisel does not hurry up

In AMNGR do not refuse obligations, but also do not hurry them to execute.
a photo: Elena KOVALENKO

- Insurance payments to families of victims and missing persons will be carried out according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, - has informed a press - secretary AMNGR Andrey Bobrov.

We will remind, the size of payments will depend on the icon setting, a post and the experience of the employee, but not less than 3 million roubles. Single monetary payment for compensation of the harm caused to the worker as a result of accidents, at a fatal case or the first group of physical inability, equals to 10 annual earnings. That is, on each worker it will be individually calculated: for this purpose it is necessary to take mid-annual earnings and to increase on 10.

On our question, when families of crewmen « Kola » will see this money, Andrey Andreevich has heavy sighed and has noticed that it depends on different procedures and many factors, including, for example, a leah there were dependents at the victim.

- Payments will be made within the next months when with each family legal questions will be settled. I as the committee-man on investigation of accidents tell it to you, - Zagorodnev adds.

Besides, the Ministry of Justice of Murmansk area on the instructions of the governor achieves acceleration of process of a recognition by victims of the seamen who have sunk as a result of wreck of a platform « Kola » in sea of Okhotsk. As it is known, the recognition on court is formal can occur only in half a year after tragedy.

And meanwhile across Murmansk the hearing that the insurance company refuses to pay to the crewmen insured at it « has spread; Kola » and also to their relatives money. A pier, about day of tragedy there was a conclusion about technical problems of a chisel platform. In the company « SOGAZ » this information have not confirmed. So an occasion to stirring at relatives should not be.