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Murmansk calendar: on January, 23rd. Paul Meger became the first cook - the hero of Soviet Union

Paul Meger was born in 1912 in the city of Odessa of the Kherson province of the Russian empire. Upon termination of seven classes of school has entered the Odessa school of ship`s boys, then went the sailor on courts of the Black Sea sea shipping company. Involuntary service passed on Northern fleet with 1932 for 1936. Since 1936 took part in ice breaker campaigns « Ermak ».

« After service in Red army, - its colleagues characterised, - it from the native city of Odessa has arrived to Murmansk. From here onboard the ice breaker « Ermak » Shrews has gone to the first Arctic flight. The collective ermakovtsev has sent it on drifting « Sedov » among six best companions. Working on « Sedove » The cook, Shrews simultaneously participated in all ship works and helped our science officers » much;. By the way, together with Meggerom has passed on « Sedov » and its friend, fireman Ivan Getman. In the collective statement, submitted to command, they have written: « Are ready it is necessary to drift how much, only do not separate us ».

in general, being the cook by a steamship of icebreaking type « George Sedov » Shrews became the participant of legendary drift on Arctic ocean in which course has proved courageously and with firmness. Drift Severe conditions affected weariness of the command. It understood on Continent. Therefore the new structure of expedition for crew change « has been completed; Sedova ». But to make it in the conditions of polar night it was hard, and in the middle of February, 1939, having weighed all circumstances, chief Glavsevmorputi I.D. Papanin it was converted by the telegramme to sedovtsam with the request to finish drift by forces of the collective. Captain Konstantin Badigin, having collected crew and having read the telegramme, without wishing any pressure, it was converted to seamen with a question – who wants to depart on continent and who wants to remain by the ship, having explained that everyone is free to arrive, as will solve itself. One after another seamen declared that want to remain by the ship till the end of drift. The last were spoken by the cook Paul Meger: « to One to fly to Moscow as - that is inconvenient, I have not got used to such comfortable service. A leah it is necessary to send the plane for one cook? It is necessary to me to weld still hundred two borsches in my cold galley … ». And still Paul Meger was fond of drawing. Its album with the drawings made during drift was saved.

On February, 3rd, 1940 the Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR had been let out the decree about assignment to the cook of a steamship of icebreaking type « George Sedov » the Shrew to Paul Vlasovichu of a rank of the Hero of Soviet Union with delivery of order of Lenin and a medal « the Gold Star » ( 240) for « … carrying out of heroic drift, performance of the extensive program of researches in difficult conditions of Arctic regions both the courage shown thus and persistence ». Besides, the Shrew have given out the monetary award at a rate of 25000 roubles. It is necessary to notice that Paul Vlasovich of Shrews became the first cook - the hero, and also the first of inhabitants of Odessa - the seamen, awarded ranks « the Hero of Soviet Union ».

Having returned on continent, Paul Vlasovich has entered the Moscow seaworthy technical school, however, finish it could not from - for the Great Patriotic War beginnings in which course Paul Meger wared the scout as a part of 420 - go a shooting regiment 122 - j a shooting division of the Karelian front. It battled on the Kandalaksha direction, ordered a prospecting platoon. On January, 23rd, 1942 Paul Vlasovich of Shrews was killed in battle. Its tomb is in Murmansk on an old cemetery.