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The grandmother, trying to eat in a land - a bar, has connected two sweaters.

* * *

When I have seen your photo, I at first have thought that you are not so attractive. But now, when I see you face to face, I understand, how much you are photogenic!.

* * *

- it is strange, why in a public toilet smells as an entrance...

* * *

In cafe:

- Me coffee with a cigarette!

- to Stir?

* * *

It is in the winter they Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. And in the summer - the photographer and obezjanka!

* * *

« My God, allow to me calmness to accept what I cannot change, courage... Something there still... And ability to remember the citation ».

* * *

the Boy to whom in the winter the scarf is fastened by the father, is able to hold the breath at 6 o`clock.

* * *

- Me mother has forced to oversleep with the dean.

- Here those time! And how she to you it has told?

- you will not hand over session on 4 - 5, the laptop I will not buy.

* * *

Has swum away yesterday for anchor buoys. There is there nothing especial.

* * *

the Man comes to shop and wants to buy to the daughter Barbie`s doll.

the Seller tells about presented available:

Barbie at school - 299,90;

Barbie in a camping - 299,90;

Barbie on a party - 299,90;

Barbie marries - 299,90;

Barbie does shopping - 299,90;

Barbie on a beach - 299,90;

Barbie in a hairdressing salon - 299,90;

Barbie dissolved - 3299,90.

the Buyer:

is as?! Dissolved - on whole three thousand are more expensive?!

- so, you see the complete set « the Dissolved Barbie » includes weight of additional accessories: Ken`s small house, Ken`s car, Ken`s motorcycle, Ken`s stereosystem...

* * *

In Uhrjupinske strike of doctors - the posters written by them with requirements has without results come to the end and it was not possible to read.

* * *

Only you will get used to the next improvement of an economic situation, as on brains and a purse from all nonsense hrenachit following improvement...

* * *

- Dear, you like my new dress?

- Yes.

- But you have not looked at all at it!!!

- but I have told the RIGHT ANSWER!


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