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In what terms should repair the lift in an apartment house

But among tenants is both pensioners, and families with children. From them it will be difficult to much to rise on foot on a ladder. We would not like, that works were tightened. Explain, in what terms should repair the lift in an apartment house?

Julia Lavrenteva. East district.

As have told in city Department of major repairs, in capital norms of terms of idle time of lifts operate during their replacement or repair. The contract organisation should pay for infringement the penalty. By rules lifts can close on repair only after in an apartment house will deliver all equipment necessary for installation. The idle time of one lift during its replacement depends from etazhnosti an apartment house:

to 9 floors - 30 days;

10 - 12 floors - 35 days;

14 floors - 40 days;

16 - 17 floors - 45 days;

22 - 26 floors - 60 days.

At lift replacement in karkasno - added mine the lift idle time makes 80 days. In houses over 9 floors at which entrances it is established on two lifts, works are spent by turns so that there was no simultaneous disconnect of all lifts.

For the specified terms repairmen should finish all basic works: dismantle old liftovogo the equipment; replacement of frames of doors of mine; replacement of a door of an engine room and a cover of the assembly hatch in it; installation modern liftovogo the equipment.

Pay attention: the maximum term of work of the lift - twenty five years. Responsibility for its status proprietors, for example, bear managements of the uniform customer, fellowship of proprietors of habitation or maintaining services. There it is necessary to call with complaints and questions on lift work. In addition phone of an emergency dispatching office should be hung out on a platform of the ground floor of an entrance, and also inside liftovoj cabins.

With questions on replacement of lifts it is possible to be converted by phone « a hot line » official body on major repairs of apartment houses of Moscow (GU « UKRiS ») - (495 953 - 37 - 82, in everyday life with 8. 00 to 17. 00.