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The dragon Schultz has foretold novosibirtsam mammons

Well everything, now there has precisely come year of the Dragon! On east calendar the mystical scaly beast comes into the own since January, 23rd. In honour of such feast we have decided to get acquainted with the owner of year. Zoologists, truth, did not encourage us: dragons spoke supposedly in Siberia are not found. But one all of us have found.

Get acquainted: Schultz. It, truth, not such healthy fellow, as Zmej Gorynych, but appearance - as at the present dragon. And anything that experts on flora name the kid iguanoj. In a press - the centre « » Schultz has arrived together with the mistress by name of Anna. The girl has told to us that a beast at it peace loving, appeasable. So also year should be favorable.

Despite abundant of journalists and noise, drakonchik remained very phlegmatic. And the press - conference gave in an environment of the whole retinue - experts on an astrology and mythology. The man of the hour (yes that there day - year) was extremely laconic. But attentively listened attentively to remarks of speakers, watched, that nobody has told lies.

It was a question that will bring to us laying ahead « draconian » year. Visitors, for example, have assured that the default will not be. And on a question on economic prospects astrologers have promised:

- How much on a body of a dragon cheshuek, so much coins will be in new year.

At these words Schultz even has quickened: has begun to blink, began to twist a head … As if astrologists have given out ahead of time a surprise, which beast prepared for the people. But to challenge the statement « nanodrakon » did not become. Means, people have told truth.

Having got acquainted, we have asked Schultz to make a prediction the next year. The regular poet « has prepared a little « tsentury » and, having traced them on sheets of paper, has spread out before the visitor. Intuition at a dragon that is necessary! Slowly going it is grey - green pads, he has chosen sheet with the most correct forecast: « the Dragon helps those people, in which to energy a great lot. Scientists will be held in high esteem the ecumenical. Pincers will forget road from wood. A hundred times more effectively otrojut medicines. Cars will fill with a withdrawal from hatches and pools water waste. In space to the Moon upwards will start the device. People will receive on a map which will replace both the passport, and the policy (the main thing that all it did not change names). The Dragon helps those people that strength of mind and boldness always show! »