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Question of day: And you believe in magic of numbers?

Anastas FEDOROVA, student NGPU:

- Still as I believe! The magic of numbers is not nonsense and not delirium of astrologists! It really works. If any important issue and before me for it to undertake, for example, is necessary to me, I see successful for myself a combination of figures 100 percent that all will pass like clockwork!

Evgenie CHUPINA, the head the Internet - projects:

- In magic I believe, but not such primitive. There is a present astrology and numerology, and there are certain superstitions which are loved by a great bulk of people. Horoscopes in newspapers on every day, happy numbers for marriage and the black cat who has stolen a march, is a nonsense. And here not primitive « magic » Is, for example, well counted personal horoscope from the professional astrologist, psychological trainings after which in life something changes, some psychoactive technicians.

Sergey MISHANIN, the manager of travel agency:

- I Believe. Earlier I was afraid, when 13 - e the number dropped out on Friday, and to me did not carry. And then I have received in bank a credit card with last figures 13, and this number became for me successful. And here children from that vessel which has sunk in Italy, probably, were not on friendly terms with 13 - m number, or 11 victims and 20 with superfluous missing persons were not on friendly terms with it at least. After all « Kosta Concordia » has sunk on Friday, 13 - e...

Valentina ORLOVA, the bookkeeper:

- I with figures work every day, so to me not to magic. For me the main thing « magic » - that number 100 000 is casual in 100 has not turned. Though all these signs with numbers I concern easy and I consider that 24 - e number of each month successful for me, after all this day I was born …

Michael NADYMOV, the participant of show « Comedy battl »:

- In magic of numbers I do not believe. And I believe that miracles are necessary to people and they try to find them in world around. Beautiful dates or eclipses are vested with magic properties only because seldom occur. People adjust themselves on any positive events - here and all magic. Certain co-ordinates in space are simply necessary to us.

Maxim BELJANKO, the programmer:

- Yes, there is, of course, any strange coincidence. I, for example, on life am am pursued by number 5: I was born on May, 5th at 5 o`clock in the evening of 55 minutes. And to admit, I thought of it much. But now all - taki I abandon to the idea that here business in features of our perception: We want to see in the law world and consequently we exaggerate value of many things, including figures.

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