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After certification on Altai there are no 900 policemen

2011 has brought the Altay police not only certification and renaming that went on all country, but also the new chief – the general - major Renata Timerzjanova . On a press - conferences which has passed past Friday it has told to the Altay journalists about what was the left year for edge police.

So, crimes in 2011 - m became less on 6,4 % in comparison with previous year. Nevertheless, Renat Zakievich is not inclined to idealise a situation.

After August, 1st, 2011 when extraordinary certification of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has come to the end, in its Altay territory have passed hardly more than 12   000 policemen. It on 22 % is less, than in 2009. To such number the police has come after two-year consecutive reduction of the staff. It was planned that at the expense of reduction the staff deficit completely will disappear. As a last resort, nedokomplekt staff in police will not exceed 2 - 4 %.

– We have faced what even those employees who adequately drew duty and coped with duties, have been urged to leave bodies because when - in a youth infringements had that. Earlier the law not so interfered at reception of such candidates for work and so deeply did not dig. But in certification all it has got out outside, and it was necessary to leave this category of employees though and it is heavy. The law has worked here so, – the general - major Timerzjanov makes a helpless gesture.

And it is valid, under the new law of the requirement to competitors of work in police are severe – selection of shots goes not only taking into account medical and morally - psychological indicators, but also the data of passage of a polygraph, profound checks of the past of potential policemen on presence in it of a crime.

– We managed to solve partially this problem till the end of 2011 because have finished year about 4 % of shortage of staff, – has noted Renat Zakievich.

Partly the failure has occurred to shots because the quantity of departments of law-enforcement bodies &ndash was considerably reduced; 72 have reorganised in 33 - h. At the expense of it in « small » areas have reduced some tens supervising and staff posts, and also experts, criminalists, cynologists, employees on struggle against economic crimes, a drug trafficking and others. « on places » there were district militia officers, criminal investigation department, divisions on affairs of minors, call centres and partly inquiry bodies.

– Clearly that in some moments our efficiency has fallen, and on a scene of crime arrive not sanguineous operatively - investigation teams. And today such time that without the expert tjazhelovato. Does not suffice sometimes and cynologists, – the chief of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs ascertains.

At the same time in police notice that new time comes. And a problem of shortage of shots plan to solve at the expense of use of new technologies – the videocameras, the automated systems and the modern equipment.

Only figures

Quantity of crimes in Altay territory in 2011:

- 44   940 crimes have occurred in 2011 (on 6,4 % less, than in 2010)

- 8 532 street crimes (in 2010 – 8559 cases)

- 3 429 road failures have occurred. 4127 persons are wounded in road accident, 431 was lost, including 19 children

- 2 430 economic crimes

- 1 490 children have committed crimes (in 2010 – 1670 minors)

- are deprived 574 parents of the parental rights for default of a parental debt, in a criminal liability have involved 35 parents

- 26 murders (instead of 29 in 2010)

- 75 rapes (in 2010 – 82 incidents)

- 3 cases of abduction   the person (in 2010 – 9 facts)