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Metropolitan Ilarion has given a premiere in the music House

to Listen in   Christmas days   masterpieces   a sacred music became already kind tradition. Since January, 8th in the Moscow international House of music passed already the Second Christmas festival of a sacred music organised in common by the chairman of Department of external church communications of the Moscow Patriarchy by a metropolitan by Volokolamsk Ilarionom (Alfeevym) and the main conductor of the National philharmonic orchestra of Russia by Vladimir Spivakov.

For   these   days   here   with   notices   acted   the Moscow synodal chorus, chorus of Academy of choral art of a name of Popova, musical collectives from Greece, France, the USA and many other things. And on January, 22nd, on festival closing for a conductor`s stand there was already maestro Spivakov.

- Ours   festival   passes   already   the second   time,   and   experience   Shows that   that   music which sounds today here, is extremely claimed. People reach for beauty, to spiritual that is a religious source of musical art. We not casually hold festival in Christmas days – it as continuation of carol services. Within two weeks you have adjoined to very wide spectrum of spiritual musical art – from drevnevizantijskogo singing to American gospelov, - were noted by metropolitan Ilarion, handing over the patriarchal reading and writing to the author of idea to Olga Ljakinoj. - Special gratitude of maestro Spivakov, which   with the big inspiration and very sincere feelings has approached to the festival organisation.

On   these words attention   the hall has taken hold already   an orchestra   Spivakov. In   the program   final   evenings of the maestro   and   a metropolitan have included « the Requiem mass 1 »   Luigi Kerubini, « Destiny ode » Johannes Brahms and the world premiere – Stabat Mater (« Mother grieving ») For chorus and an orchestra. Product from four parts on the text in Latin language of XIII century has written itself the lord. Metropolitan Ilarion, we will remind, being the professional musician, actively is engaged in composer activity.

to Listen new   creation of the hierarch   Russian Orthodox Church   have come a metropolitan Czech   the earths and   Slovakia Hristofor, protopope Vsevolod Chaplin. After   pathetic Stabat mater the hall has risen, and the confused author have filled up with colours.  

- Since became the chairman Department of external church communications, actually does not remain to time for creative activity, - metropolitan Ilarion admitted interview « recently; ». - I and did not have earlier time – sometimes I wrote music in planes, to a waiting time at the airports. To write music, it is necessary to live musical impressions and experiences, to distract from a reality, to plunge into the world of musical sounds. And I cannot allow it to myself because should trace within each day a large quantity of occurring events, and I do not have possibility and is right so to take and be disconnected simply for some days. Unless in holiday which sometimes I use that something to write. Any creative plans not to a system but if the muse sometimes visits, I do not banish it.