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At whom in Rostov for a year the salary

the Question on a subject has grown up: « What was a labour market last year? » experts of company Headhunter have attended. They not only have found out scarce specialities for Rostov, but also have learnt the price which employers are ready to lay out for them.

- At the analysis we leant against those resumes and vacancies which have been placed on our portal for last two years. Having compared this data, we managed to find out, what customs dominated on a labour market, - has explained « » the employee of the company Anna Kaminsky .

Usually the market revives from February till March and from August till November. And the past year did not become an exception. If to speak in general by the end 2011 - go on one actual vacancy on the average it was necessary two resumes. In January, February, September and October of competitors was more than offers. So, the most active were wishing to find work in such spheres, as sales, the finance and accounts department, and also administrative personnel.

All want to be officials?

By the way, unknown activity past year students and young experts without experience have shown: on one vacancy it was necessary at once on eight resumes beginning career. Unknown demand was into place under the sun in public service or any noncommercial organisations: nine interested persons on one vacancy. As well as last year, the experts dreaming of career of the head have felt a lack of offers: wishing to join amicable numbers of the higher management it has appeared four times more than offers.

However there are also such ambries where the lack of shots, to the contrary, is sharply felt. As well as one year ago, there are not enough the workers, ready to cast in the lot with insurance, automobile business, the working personnel, marketing, advertising and PR. And here « prodazhnikov » and this time was as much, how much and workplaces.

Active movement on search of workers and works goes at once in several spheres of work. The basis is made by sales; accounts department and the enterprise finance; administrative personnel; transport and logistics; IT/ the Internet/ a Telecom, students and experts without experience.

According to researchers, for a year for representatives of some trades of the salary have grown on the average for eight percent. If to compare to last year incomes have raised at system administrators, cooks, waiters and HR - managers: from 11 to 16 percent.

As to 2012, that, under forecasts of experts, the situation on a labour market cardinally will not exchange.

Who is concrete

searches for workers is more often...

Sales - 26,8
IT/ the Internet/ a Telecom - 7,6
Accounts department/ the Finance of the enterprises - 7,4
Administrative personnel - 6,3
Transport/ Logistics - 6,2

… at those who searches for work

Sales - 20,6
the Beginning of the career/ students - 11,9
Accounts department/ the enterprise Finance - 9,9
Administrative personnel - 7,9
Transport/ Logistics - 6,7


At whom has how much risen or has fallen зарплата*


the Manager on development - with 27 500 to 30 000 roubles.
the sales representative with 25 000 to 29 150 roubles.
the manager on sales - with 23 000 to 25 000 roubles.

Accounts department/ the enterprise Finance

the Auditor — with 27 500 to 30 000 roubles.
an analyst — with 20 000 to 20 000 roubles.
the bookkeeper - with 17 000 to 18 000 roubles.

IT/ the Internet/ a Telecom

IT - the director - remained on a mark of 30 000 roubles.
the system administrator - with 18 000 to 20 000 roubles.
the developer - with 25 551 to 27 500 roubles.

Marketing, Advertising and PR

the Director for marketing - with 50 000 to 100 000 roubles.
the expert in marketing - an analyst - with 17 000 to 22 500 roubles.
the manager on marketing and PR - with 19 000 to 20 000 roubles.

Human resource management, trainings

HR - the director - with 65 000 to 32 500 roubles.
the trainer - with 45 00 to 41 250 roubles.
HR - the manager - with 16 250 to 18 000 roubles.

Building/ real estate

the Architect - with 28 688 to 28 750 roubles.
the chief engineer - with 27 000 to 27 500 roubles.
the construction superintendent - remained on a mark of 27 500 roubles.


the Expert in insurance - with 15 000 to 20 000 roubles.
the financial adviser - with 15 000 to 27 500 roubles.
the insurance agent - with 19 000 to 20 000 roubles.

Tourism, hostels, restaurants

the Manager on tourism - remained on a mark of 20 000 roubles.
the cook - with 15 500 to 18 000 roubles.
the waiter - with 14 000 to 16 000 roubles.

* according to researchers of portal Headhunter.