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The highest salaries in Novosibirsk in 2012 will be at IT - experts

Much stirs Siberians concerning the come year. And these alarms different. But there is one thing which each Siberian &ndash always remembers; it, certainly, the salary. A leah will grow it in 2012, and, if yes, how much? Analysts known job - a site « HeadHunter » have tried to answer this question and even have made own rating of 10 trades which adherents should expect the most essential gain of the salary. Who these lucky beggars?

the Morals of a rating are that: most of all in the price there will be the experts connected with IT - technologies: programmers, a web - editors and other ministers of a World Wide Web. So, under forecasts of experts, most of all the salary in 2012 will grow at service managers. On the second place – a web - designers, and on the third – « advisers SAP » (remote system administrators).

- Not a secret that information networks constantly grow and become complicated, and together with them – and inquiries of users the Internet, - are explained by experts job - a site « Headhunter ». – And shortage qualified IT - shots urges employers to increase offered salaries. The same shakes also such experts, as bloger, a web - the editor and the manager on work with social networks. They have appeared in our rating because to many companies already not enough offline ways of development of business and all leave to submit the Internet which becomes more and more effective mechanism.

However, demand and on so-called « is saved; earning » divisions which has become aggravated still in crisis in 2008 - 2009 - e years – these are every possible a brand - managers, prodakt - managers and etc. demand and for many other specialities &ndash Grows; For example, salaries at ecologists and engineers that development of innovative technologies is connected with constant can quite grow. Besides, will be claimed logisty that also it is easily explainable – now the set of the large companies is undertaken by attempts to extend on the country, and it demands competent management of a cargo transportation.

However, it does not mean that the income will not grow and at the Siberians occupying supervising posts. However to calculate their real earnings to analytical agencies it is very difficult, because change of salaries can be traced only by the fixed part of the icon setting. For example, in 2011 growth of salaries at almost all directors and managers for sales was more than modest – in total some percent. But, according to experts, it does not reflect a real state of affairs – after all employers indulge such employees not only icon settings, but also bonuses for successful projects which also happen very successful.

At whom the salary will grow more?

the Service engineer (+36 %)
the Web - the designer (+32 %)
Adviser SAP (+32 %)
IT - the director (+25 %)
the Chief engineer in oil and gas branch (+23 %)
Bloger (+23 %)
the Web - the editor (+22 %)
the Ecologist (+20 %)
Verstalshchik (+20 %)
the Manager on work with social networks (+19 %)

By the way

the Average salary in Railway area has grown to 30 thousand roubles

In other parts of Novosibirsk indicators of incomes for a year have appeared more modestly, but also have a little grown

Heads of administrations of areas of Novosibirsk have reported about level of average salaries on a city on the end 2011 - go year. This picture looks as follows. For example, the Railway area &ndash has appeared the most seductive for earnings; there the average salary last year has grown to 30 thousand roubles . On one thousand one rubles on the average the Siberians employed in the Central area less receive. It, however, is predicted enough – after all all large business is concentrated in city centre.

And here the Soviet area has surprised with the indicators. If earlier scientists residing in Academgorodok received money, frankly speaking, not great last years this situation has started to change cardinally.

- Certainly, first of all it is connected with development of innovative technologies and introduction of the same manufactures, - has explained « the director of a Novosibirsk portal of vacancies « e - work » Maria Kosobokova. – The manufacture becomes more hi-tech, the pay in the scientist more.

Anyhow, the average salary on the Soviet area has made more 25 thousand roubles . And here on other areas of Novosibirsk it is possible to note few the positive moments. The poor in respect of a salary had appeared Zaeltsovsky ( 20   347 rub .), Kirov ( 19   798 rub .), Dzerzhinsky ( 20   642 rub .), and also May Day ( 22   350 rub .) areas. As a whole across Novosibirsk in comparison with 2010 the salary has grown on 10 % and has made 23   993 roubles .