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In Rostov students for one day will turn to Frenchmen and Germans

Is planned that the official student`s feast will pass in Rostov on January, 24th at theatre of a name of Maxim Gorkogo. With the name did not philosophise - the celebration will be called « Tatjanin day - 2012 ». Since five evenings in foyer and on the second floor platforms will start to work. In quality « a warming up » on them winners of various cultural competitions, and also jazzmen and a conservatory orchestra will act. As have told « » in city Committee on the youth policy, the basic action will begin at 18 o`clock. Participants of a feast will be invited in a hall by sounds of a student`s hymn « Gaudeamus ». And will open a concert the empress Elizabeth who will conduct a celebration together with count Shuvalov.

As spectators to a feast it is invited an order of thousand persons. Into the list have entered not only rectors and students of high schools, but also honours pupils sredne - special educational institutions from all area. The basic part « tatjaninogo day - 2012 » will make traditional competition of pairs which will present 11 universities of region. A subject - immersing in history. The problem of each high school - the participant - to represent one of twin-cities of Rostov on a scene. Children for some time will turn to inhabitants of Dortmund, Kajani, Antalia, Le Mana and other cities and will tell about their stories, traditions or will execute national dance or a song. Also the defile of participants in vesper dresses is planned.

During a feast the Rostov students will remember tradition strojotrjadov. In plans - to organise the simulated fire directly on a scene of theatre Bitter and to sing songs - poppuri to the guitar. Type « As it is healthy that all of us here have gathered today ». The concert will last ones and a half - two hours.

Besides, practically in each educational institution of area plan to award the best students and to organise for them mini - concerts.

actually student`s feast will last all the week long. Its celebratory disco which will pass on Saturday, on January, 28th, in one of the Rostov night clubs will finish. Promise that under hits 90 - h and 2000 - h students will walk all night long.


on January, 25th in our country the most favourite feast « is celebrated; martyrs of a science » - Day of the Russian students. This day also it is accepted to congratulate all Tatyanas on the name day. Such neighbourhood is not casual: this day in far 1755 the empress Elizabeth Petrovna has signed the decree « About establishment of the Moscow university ». And on January, 12th (or 25 - e on new style, - a bus comment) Became in the official university afternoon. In those days it was called as Day of the basis of the Moscow university. And since then Sacred Tatiana is considered the patroness of students.

POLL « »

And than to you student`s years were remembered?

« I wanted to become the actor! »

Alexander UVAROVSKY, the head of department of education of Rostov:

- I Here do not remember the student`s years! But with ecstasy I remember school, therefore, probably, at school and remained. Very few people knows, but in 11 - m a class I corresponded with Arcady Raikin. We have made the first big performance at our school theatre and have sent it photos. Raikin in the answer has written that is very glad for us. Just at this time there were first series of a film « People and dummies » Arcady Arkadevich has mentioned that to it it will be pleasant, if we look first two series which have already finished shooting. Also we will write to it about the impressions.

And as to study I was the normal student. At institute has received the first trojak at examination in geometry. Though school has finished with a medal. To tell the truth, in the first year I had very big problem: I was going to throw teacher`s college and to leave in the theatrical. But I had a remarkable teacher - our curator Elena Markovna Pivneva who has advised not to take for a ride and at first to finish this institute. Already on a third year specialised subjects have begun, and I was fond of a technique. It already I have then understood that any ideal teacher - it always the actor.

« All till now are surprised that I am a teacher »

Lydia NOVOSELTSEV, « Mrs. Rostov - 2010 »:

- I have finished economic faculty were RGU, nowadays JUFU. At that time already participated in various displays and beauty contests. And on a third year has married and when there was a child, began to give to study of more attention. I remember the first session. On examination all wanted to go the first: tickets distributed in 8 mornings, and the teacher came to 8. 30. That is theoretically there was a possibility to write off. I very much asked the father to bring me before. We have arrived to faculty in six mornings - thought, we will be the first. I have appeared the fifteenth. That time I have not handed over examination.

By the way, never thought that I will be the teacher. Till now I odnogruppniki are surprised to this fact. Though after the lapse of time I can tell that present students differ nothing from us.

« During my times it was a shame not to study »

Vladimir PAVLENKO, the head physician of the Rostov children`s regional hospital:

- Student`s years have passed in RostGMU it was never very cheerful, boring. A sit-round gathering at a fire, trips on practice in collective farm and on factory was remembered. In general, we were normal students. Then it was a shame not to study. In student`s years I managed even to work as the loader. And I passed the first practice in the Azov city hospital. And then all was in wonder. Internships practically were not - me at once have appointed the local doctor of nine high-rise buildings. I have tested a measure of responsibility at once. The blessing the senior companions have helped.

« It is necessary to be engaged, instead of in signs to believe »

Nikolay SOROKIN, hudruk Maxim Gorkogo`s theatre:

- I have finished the Rostov school of arts and GITIS. Always was very serious student. Never and did nothing at random. Responded quickly and liked to pass examinations by the first. Many to it very much were surprised. In particular those who delayed « pleasant » the moment on the second and third repeating an examination. And I that knew, knew. As knowledge was extensive. For example, in 12 years I have mastered « Three musketeers ».

On a broader scale, student`s bajki I do not love. I consider that it is necessary to be engaged, instead of in signs to believe. However, one case all - taki is. I had a teacher hard of hearing on Marxism-Leninism. While responded, he constantly asked again something. As a result has put to me « the four » though I on this mark did not know.

Now I teach at students. I learn to that that something to reach in life, it is necessary to work much. Though with each new performance I constantly learn something new to myself. I re-read the literature, I search for an additional material - some products I open for myself again.

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