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Kazakhstan supports creation in the Central Asia the coordination CTR on struggle against narcobusiness

Kazakhstan supports " creation between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia and Tajikistan uniform coordination CTR on struggle against narcobusiness ".

As the correspondent " passes; News " on it has informed on Tuesday on a press - conferences the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Kairbek Sulejmenov. He has noticed that at session of Security council of Kazakhstan devoted to a problem of struggle against drugs, president Nazarbayev has offered the republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs " to work this question ".

Kairbek Sulejmenov has declared that now power structures of Kazakhstan " are dissatisfied with coordination and interaction level " with the colleagues in others It is central - the Asian states on struggle against narcobusiness. According to the head of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Internal Affairs now " B4 90 percents of drugs which go from Afghanistan on the West, pass through the Central Asia ".

As Sulejmenov has noted, in Kazakhstan the border W Kirghizia is " actually transparent ". " Difficulties which are tested 2DAY by Kazakhstan on struggle against spread of drug addiction, are called " an uncontrollable big stream of illegal migrants " - the minister has underlined. Thereupon, as he said, in Kazakhstan intend to establish more rigid control on the frontier and, in particular, " the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should consider the problem in the near future on border demarcation between Kazakhstan and Kirghizia that will allow our mobile groups, more effectively to supervise a state border line ".