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In Japan in the end of September the new government

In Japan in the end of September can be generated the new government can be generated.

as the correspondent " passes; News " in possibility of carrying out of shifts in the government has specified on Tuesday of premieres - the minister of Japan Dzjunitiro Koidzumi in conversation with journalists which accompany it on a trip to Europe.

Koidzumi has underlined that shifts will be limited and will mention only several ministers. The prime minister who are simultaneously the chairman correcting Liberally - democratic party/ LDP/, plans to replace 2 several figures on the higher fasts in LDP. The Term of appointment of the top echelon of heads of party in power expires on September, 30th.

according to the experts, by means of autumn shifts of Koidzumi traditional in Japan which has headed party in power and the government in April of last year, will try to strengthen essentially the positions in LDP. The matter is that the part of elders of party opposes the policy intoned by it cardinal socially - economic reforms.