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the Russian senator expects positive results from forthcoming discussion in the PASS of a problem of the Kaliningrad region

Laying ahead on Wednesday, on September, 25th, discussion in Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe/ the PASS/ problems of the Kaliningrad region can bring positive results 4 Russia. Such opinion in interview " News " by TEL the representative of the Kaliningrad region in the Federation Council Nikolay Tulaev has voiced.

It takes part in regular session the PASS in Strasbourg.

according to the senator, for last MTH have occurred " unequivocal positive shifts " in negotiations of Russia and EU on a problem of the Kaliningrad region. In particular, he if in the beginning of year the European Union SPK that introduction of visas to inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region is inevitable now negotiations go " has noted; at qualitatively new level ".

As Tulaev, " considers; leading European powers " In particular, France and Germany, realise, " that it is impossible to solve a problem of the Kaliningrad region so that the rights of Russians in unobstructed movement on territory of own country " will be struck;. The senator Besides, believes, the position of Poland and Lithuania has sharply changed, preparing to enter the European Union. " now these countries understand that attempt of a unilateral solution of a problem and introduction of visas will hurt to their own national interests as these countries have strong economic relations W Russia " - Tulaev has told.

" As a whole, - the senator considers, - readiness of the European Union attentively is obviously traced to discuss our offers on the Kaliningrad problem ".

He has underlined that at hearings on this subject Russia on - former will take of a position in the PASS " Firmness of the democratic principles intoning human rights on unobstructed movement on territory of own country ". " We will remind once again that human rights are universal and uniform 4 everything, and that the PASS as the democratic organisation, is on guard of these principles " - Tulaev has declared.

He has added that in favour of a result of discussion favorable for Russia in the PASS of a problem of the Kaliningrad region SPK also that on this question will act as the lecturer to present Iceland. " this country very positively concerns the Russian interests and possesses very Gud experience of interaction with the countries of the Schengen zone, without entering at the same time into this zone " - Tulaev has explained.