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Inspectors of the United Nations will arrive to Bagdad on October, 15th

the International inspectors of the United Nations will arrive to Bagdad on October, 15th this year. ABT it on Tuesday in interview " News " the ambassador of Iraq in Moscow has informed Abbas Halaf Kunfud.

As he said, the arrangement on it is already reached between the Iraq party and the United Nations Organization.

the ambassador has found it difficult to name quantity of members of Mission of the United Nations on arms, inspections and control/ JUNMOVIK/, having told that " these are technical details to which I cannot respond ". He 2 has noticed that " in ANY1 branch there will arrive experts who are responsible for the business ".

At the same time, the diplomat has specified that the structure of mission of the international inspectors will be another in comparison with that worked in Iraq in 1991 - 98 years.

Abbas Halaf Kunfud has reminded that head JUNMOVIK in this time has had time to be replaced. Meanwhile, the present head of mission of the United Nations Hans Bliks already worked in Iraq as a part of the previous inspectors, being the committee-man on nuclear subjects.

SPK about maintenance of working conditions 4 inspectors in Iraq, the head of the Iraq diplomatic representatives has told that " they already worked in Iraq, they have places, the equipment, cars ".

to Coordinate WRK of inspectors, according to the ambassador, there will be a CTR on monitoring in Bagdad.

earlier Abbas Halaf Kunfud has assured that Bagdad guarantees security of WRK of the international inspectors in Iraq. " we are responsible for them a head " - the Iraq ambassador has underlined.