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Behind a monument to the Siskin - Pyzhiku is established round-the-clock supervision

On Tuesday in Petersburg on the river Fontanka near to the Summer garden the monument to the Siskin - Pyzhiku is restored, the correspondent " passes; News ".

Located at the water on a tiny pedestal a tiny bronze birdie - one of the smallest sculptures in a city/ its height makes 11 sm, and weight about 5 kg/ - has been stolen in April, 2002. For seven years of existence a monument abducted some times, but law enforcement officers by means of conscious citizens returned " a bronze birdie " to a city. This time, despite all reasonable efforts, and it was not possible to law enforcement bodies it was necessary to find out loss, therefore a monument to restore.

according to the director of the State museum of a city sculpture Vladimir Timofeeva, from the MOM " a rebirth " Sculptures for the Siskin - Pyzhikom establishes round-the-clock video observation. Besides, to prevent the further attempts at a monument, manufacturers have made sculpture fastening 2 a pedestal stronger, has told Timotheuses.

the monument has been restored by experts restavratorskogo associations " Bronze " on the saved model. Means for restoration of the Siskin - with Pyzhika/ some tens thousand roubles/ were allocated with the inhabitant of Moscow enslaved by beauty of Northern capital.

the first monument to the Siskin - Pyzhiku has been opened in Petersburg in the autumn of 1994 on Fontanka, opposite to the house 6 where in 1835 at the initiative of prince Peter Oldenburgsky the exclusive educational institution - Imperial School of jurisprudence has been based. The future jurists wore uniforms is yellow - green colour, for what and have nicknamed them " siskins - pyzhikami ". Then the known song was born also: " the Siskin - Pyzhik, WERV U BIN? - On Fontanka vodka of saws " - nearby to school, in a semi-basement of the house of a merchant of Nefedov, the tavern known all around where, having got civilian clothes settled down, pupils of the senior classes of this school secretly went.

has developed the project of this sculpture, the well-known Georgian sculptor, the artist and a script writer of Rezo Gabdze. After occurrence in Petersburg a bronze Siskin - Pyzhika at townspeople has appeared povere: if thrown 2 bronze pads of a birdie the small coin is kept on tiny bottom to you will necessarily carry.