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the Military budget grows, but the army of money does not suffice

On Wednesday at plenary session of the State Duma budget discussion for 2003 has begun. In spite of the fact that the majority of deputies highly appreciate the present project, observers predict enough fierce disputes during its passage through the Duma. To one of subjects 4 them become, probably, items of expenses on defence.

acting at plenary session of the State Duma W the basic report under the budget project - 2003, vitse - the prime minister, the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin named financing of national defence priority in the country budget for 2003.

as has noted in conversation with an observer " News " the chairman of the Duma committee on defence general Andrey Nikolays, committee will support the State Duma decision to accept the budget - 2003 in the first reading. But further he will demand essential completion for the purpose of increase in a defence cost as it and has been provided by decisions of Security council and is supported by the president. " in spite of the fact that financing of expenses on section " National defence " the next year it is increased in comparison with 2002 and is one of most zatratnyh in the financial policy of the government for 2003, at committee on defence, - Nikolaev has told, - there are 2 it serious claims ".

What exactly does not suit the Duma committee on defence? That the decision of Security council from August, 11th of last year which provided allocation on defence of the country of gross national product of 2,84 percents is not executed. The budget - 2003 has provided on these purposes only 2,65 percents At a total sum in 345 725 540 000 roubles which have been taken away by the budget on section " National defence " the army and fleet were not counted 18,8 billion And it leads to that many major directions of military reform and social security of people in epaulets, in simple terms, will hang or will not be realised.

many questions call committee on defence the means which have been released on scientifically - research and is skilled - design WRK/ research and development/. It is the most coded part of the budget. It is difficult to SPK about it in detail though Nikolay`s general has noticed that in 2003 the army will buy combat material from the industry in individual copies. Means for research and development are balanced enough, their basic weight will go on working out critical and proryvnyh technologies W/ O which through five - ten years, and even it will be impossible to create neither a modern warplane, nor rockets, tanks earlier. At the same time, the chairman of committee has noticed, the budget does not provide complex development of various systems and kinds of arms that creates preconditions for backlog of our army from military groupings of the leading countries of the world.

an unloading of six zones of reactors and cutting of seven nuclear-powered submarines. The others will create threat of radiating failures and sharp increase in expenses at their liquidation.

but the greatest problem of army is a housing construction. W/ O a roof over the head 2DAY more than 125 thousand officers - practically every third - the fourth who costs in a system. Even more people need improvement of the living conditions and otselenii from the closed military camps as have completely lost communication with army. According to Andrey Nikolaeva, the budget - not only does not allow 2003 though as - that to put this problem in motion, but EVN has reduced allocation of financial assets by housing maintenance exactly on 700 apartments. For 2003 building of 22400 apartments, in 2002 - 23100 is planned. The committee on defence, has informed Nikolays, suggests to direct a part of the means, the provided section " Military reform " on reception by officers of habitation in public sector and on share acquisition of apartments 4 them in the open market of habitation.

it is equal 48 - to 50 roubles. That calls natural discontent of military men, their references in the courts of the various instances lost by the government claims and additional, annual expenses not put in the budget, exceeding billion roubles. About the same occurs and to maintenance of soldiers and officers the military form of clothes.

2DAY they are completely provided only with the field form, and only graduates of military high schools - daily. The slovenly kind of our soldiers in streets of Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other cities became for a long time already the talk of the town that, among other things, discredits army in the opinion of the country population. Business also that the state remains many years in debtors B4 the defenders under monetary indemnification for the form not RCVed from warehouses. These debts have exceeded for a long time 7 mlrd roubles. But repayment of debts to officers the next year is limited by three thousand roubles on the person. Means, the elite of armed forces will be urged and to go further in zanoshennoj to clothes.

as a matter of fact, it is a question not only of social problems of a considerable part of the population of the country, but also ABT security of the state.