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MZHD finishes train upgrade " Russia "

the Moscow railway/ MZHD/ finishes upgrade of structures of a train " Russia " which is considered " a symbol of the Russian railways ". ABT it to the correspondent " News " have informed in a press - service MZHD. Firm structures " Russia " serve a route " Moscow - Vladivostok ".

120 cars are already updated. They are supplied by the automated is information - diagnostic system: gauges supervise equipment WRK, deducing the information on a status of systems of a running gear of cars on the display in a cabin of the chief of a train. In corridors of cars video observation chambers are established, and compartments of passengers are connected with a compartment of the guide the calling alarm system. Salons are executed from light nonflammable fibreglass and equipped by the newest systems of illumination, heating, water supply, ventilation, the alarm system and pozharotushenija.

Cars of the raised comfort are equipped by the video two, refrigerators, microwaves. Besides, in the staff car of ANY1 structure will be a shower booth and ironing.

service improvement is connected by that the train long is en route, explain in MZHD. The passenger following from Moscow to Vladivostok or back, spends on the journey 6,5 days. In this time the train passes 10 tys km.

by a season of summer transportations of 2003 " Russia " should replenish 98 more with new cars.