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Yury Luzhkov`s Visit to Riga is postponed

Visit of the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov to Riga, planned on 27 - on September, 28th, postponed for MTH - ones and a half, have informed " News " on Wednesday in capital administration.

according to the source, Luzhkov has solved " to show a political step ". Latvia now prepares for elections and the mayor of Moscow would not like, that its visit have interpreted, as pressing forward " to affect development of a political situation in republic ".

the Capital town governor has sent the chairman of Riga Duma Gundarsu Bojarsu the letter in which it is underlined that " all basic items on the agenda of this visit remain in force ".

As it was already informed, the prime minister - the minister of Latvia Andris Berzinsh, earlier refusing to meet Luzhkov, this week through the the press - the secretary has declared readiness to hold such MTG within the limits of forthcoming visit of the mayor of Moscow. The similar statement was made also the president of Latvia by Vaira Vick - Frejberga.