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In Moscow has opened " vanity fair "

In Luzniki, in the neighbourhood W the ware market, on Wednesday has opened 2 - I the International specialised exhibition " Business - souvenirs and gifts ". Here it is possible not only to look " in teeth to a presented horse " but also to get these.

According to organizers of an exhibition, the exposition is the largest such not only in Russia, but on a broader scale in countries of Eastern Europe. 158 firms have presented here production, capable to calm vanity of the NE chief. And though all know that " image - anything " on its formation the exposition also is directed. " image makers " from Moscow and Petersburg, Samara and Saratov, Khabarovsk and Nizhni Novgorod, Belarus and Ukraine have presented " scatterings " a stationery, calendars, T-shirts, hours, charms, ashtrays 4 official " trifles " And exclusive production in the individual copies, intended for those to whom " briljanty are small ".

Except become habitual silver horse figures, desktop written sets from mahogany or daily logs in leather cover, the chief can be cajoled surprisingly " useful " things. For example, in time presented " antistressful " mini - the pear 4 boxing can save noses of subordinates from punishment. The mobile thermodevice which is containing to steam of LUVed sandwiches and drinks of the chief and constantly filled up with correct employees, will help to support mood of the BOS. And to try a dish the miracle - a plug defining degree of readiness of a product and its temperature in degrees of Celsius is possible. " SPK " the photo album will remind the chief of all corporate events which have taken place not W/ O its participation " citizens ". The statement of some elobnyh chiefs - " Will present on rouble - will ask on one million " completely deny the prices which are estimated here in " the American roubles " also begin with second ten.

have visited on " to vanity fair " and representatives of city structures. So, to the representative of Department of consumer services of capital Anatoly Kochetkovu the idea of a tie W a photograph of the dearest chief has attracted.