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the Prime minister - the minister of India has arrived to state of Gujarat

the Prime minister - the minister of India Atal Bihari Vadzhpai on Wednesday has changed the plans and, having interrupted visit to Maldivian republic, has arrived to state of Gujarat where act of terrorism has been the day before made. Earlier it was planned that in connection with tragical events of premieres at first will arrive to Delhi.

as the correspondent " passes; News " being in the city of Gandhinagar, Atal Bihari Vadzhpai intends to examine a temple complex of Svaminarajan in which as a result of act of terrorism 31 persons were lost and more than hundred have got wounds, and also to visit in hospitals of victims.

after the arrival to Gujarat the prime minister has sharply denounced act of terrorism, having connected it with carrying out of elective campaign in parliament of state of Jammu and Kashmir. As he said, terrorists tried not to admit elections, however they successfully pass. " democracy victory forces terrorists to achieve a revenge, but we W them will resolutely struggle " - Vadzhpai has told.

In turn, vitse - prime minister Lal Krishna Advani which 2 are in Gandhinagar, has specified in possible participation in act of terrorism of Pakistan. He has informed that the note in which extremist grouping Tehrik - e - Kasas is mentioned based on territory of Kashmir supervised by Pakistan is found in a trouser pocket of one of the killed terrorists.

As the preventive measure, called not to admit renewal of mass riots, in Gujarat divisions of one army brigade are on Wednesday evening developed.

the authorities of India are afraid that act of terrorism can call a new wave of violence in staff on religious soil. Opposition of Muslim and Hindu communities in Gujarat has begun in February of this year, after an arson terrorists of a train W pilgrims - induistami therefore 59 persons were lost.