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Head of the Iranian Minister of Defence has informed on intention of Iran to realise new plans on strengthening of Naval Forces of the country

Iran in the near future intend to realise new plans on strengthening military - country naval forces. The Minister of Defence of Islamic Republic has informed on it on Wednesday kontr - admiral Ali Shamhani.

As the correspondent " passes; News " at ceremony of transfer of rockets " Koruz " on arms of Naval Forces of the Case of guards of Islamic revolution/ KSIR/ Iran, Shamhani has declared that " military power of Naval Forces of the country as well as in the past will be based on a principle of creation of the world, stability and security on frontiers ".

the Head of the Iranian defensive department has noticed that rockets " Koruz " basings by the sea military ships are intended, have defensive characteristics, were completely projected and made by forces military - an industrial complex of Iran.

Shamhani 2 has underlined that " The geographical position of the country and necessity adequately to react to existing threats dictates inevitability of perfection of arms of Naval Forces and workings out of new projects in military area.