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The Ural men are measured by intelligence and do manicure

Competition Mr. Ekaterinburg grows

- mum on this competition has sent Me, - twenty years` student UPI Konstantin Chermnyh tells. - I Come home - and there in the daily log it is written supposedly go participate. Well, I also have gone.

together with Konstantin on the first selection tour of competition Mr. Ekaterinburg 60 persons of every possible trades have come: from the showman to the concreter. Someone one by one, someone for bravery of friends has taken, some were supported by girl-friends.

first of all all have filled questionnaires: age, growth, weight and so on. Then the test for intelligence laid ahead. Who has defeated the Borodino battle who such Heminguej that Nobel has invented 26 questions have forced to become thoughtful.

- Like all simple, but I so have become agitated that, for example, capital of Canada not at once have remembered, - Alexey Pototsky, the senior from konkursantov - admits to it 34 years. Girls from work podnachili Alexey to participate in this project. A pier, dostojnej Mr. not to find.

one of competitors, Alexander Tropin, smiles:

- And I on a casting as - that was already: on the House - 2 wanted to get. Has not passed, truth. Well, this time, can, will carry more. After the first selection tour there were 40 participants. With them spent interviews, checked on adequacy .

- Some were, for example, too aggressive, others to the contrary seemed too friendly, - organizers explain.

the Most senior participant Alexey Pototsky will give odds to competitors.

On the second tour participants showed any more mind, and the physical data. Forced to be wrung out, tightened, run, in general - have loaded on the full.

- we did not know that it is necessary. When us have resulted in fitness - a hall, it was very unexpected. I even wanted to leave, but then all - taki remained, - Maxim tells konkursant.

after sports competitions there were 25 applicants for a title Mr. Ekaterinburg . And to have a rest it now it will not be possible: three times a week young men go to a gym, pump up muscles that on a scene to amaze jury with the torsos.

- at me already four cubes on a stomach has appeared! - the model, and at the same time the trainer on sports ballroom dances Ilya grins.

its colleague - the trainer on fitness Igor Panchenko - there and then shows the cubes.

- I not only here am engaged, but also for the championship I prepare: 15 numbers will be, - he speaks.

and at competition Igor with impatience waits for employment on a vocal. Very much likes to sing.

candidates on a rank of Mr. already had time to compete not only in a gym. They competed in a throwing of knifes, went on lessons of dances, learnt to shoot from an onion and arbaleta, were engaged in go-cart racing and even did manicure.

- I as - that not on - muzhski it, - many when have appeared in a beauty salon resisted first do not want. But have then reconciled: as they say, the beauty demands victims. After all participants have guided marafet there has passed photosession. Now photos konkursantov hang on a site www. mister - ekb. ru, here, by the way, it is possible to vote for those who especially will be pleasant.

on a way to the ending for Mr. that is necessary to candidates more many: they will study in actor`s skill, to sing, communicate with psychologists and to do repair in children`s home. About all it read in following releases