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77 - the summer pensioner has forced the Ural officials to make road, having threatened with George Bush

Nina Borzunova has achieved, that to its country site buses

About the townswoman of Asbestos went that in hundred kilometres from Ekaterinburg, Nina Borzunovu, legends already put. It the civil engineer, has finished strojfak UPI for a year before Boris Yeltsin, built cities in the north of the country, headed the building organisations. In general, the lady not from shy ten. And one and a half years ago to Nina Dmitrievny`s country site buses have ceased to go. And then it has gone to Office of Public Prosecutor, having threatened that will complain if something happens in the United Nations and to the most American president with whom her daughter is personally familiar. Strangely enough, but it has worked also buses have started up.

I have gone to Nina Borzunovoj, but the neigbour has told that it at itself on fazende digs a potato.

Six kilometres to country paradise

by Morning bus I go on a meeting with the heroic pensioner thanks to which road from settlement Malysheva to collective gardens at last - that have started to repair and have started up - taki on it public transport. To same gardeners stamped six kilometres on foot, dragging on itself bags with a crop.

old, having plenty LIAZ filled with gardeners, strainedly howls on potholes and vzgorkah, the talkative driver does not forget to look forward.

- I am constant on this route I go, - he tells. - it is now good: hollows rubble fell asleep, and earlier not road, and one name only. Slippery clay and the hollows filled with water. Zavjaznut was - time to spit. Here also have cancelled prior to the beginning of repair all routes. Having squeaked brakes, the bus has stopped near gardens the Research assistant . At parting the driver has thrown to me, already leaving their salon:

- And how you will back come back, the correspondent? The following flight only in eight evenings, unique and last.

- on foot I will limp. Gardeners as - when roads not was went after all.

- well, as you wish.

my daughter - the American

77 - summer Nina Borzunovoj I have found the Garden site quickly.
all farmers in district her respect. If not it so humbly the six kilometres on the broken, impassable road for the transport, connecting gardens and settlement Malysheva where it is already possible to take the bus to Asbestos also stamped.

having caught sight of me, Nina Dmitrievna has stopped to dig a potato and has wiped hands a rag.

- the correspondent, means? Siddaun, pliz, - she has specified to me in a chair under a canopy. - with what we will begin conversation?

- From the very beginning it would be desirable.

- it is good. As you know, all has begun after the journey. It did not repair already god knows how much years. As a result buses have stopped to go absolutely. I went on reception to the head of our district Oleg Kabanovu who for road repair responds, and he only fed me with breakfasts and smiled. And here in the spring I arrive from the daughter from Florida, and the road again is not made! Then my patience has burst. And I began to operate, having threatened that I will complain to George Bush and in the United Nations.

in Florida Nina Borzunova stayed with the daughter Olga. That still in the early nineties worked as the translator in the trading firm co-operating with Americans. Once their organisation with business visit was visited by Bob Kelko. Gradually business relations of the Russian and the citizen of the USA have outgrown in the romantic. And after Olga Borzunova has taken off for business trip home the Bean yes there and remained. Has married it and took its surname.

And here ten years as Nina Dmitrievna regularly stays with them in Florida, in the Lithium city. Nurses grandsons Christopher and Timotheus who freely speak in two languages.

This picture - our bargaining chip - Nina Dmitrievna speaks.
Has helped a photo with Bush`s signature

- in general, I have decided to be converted behind the help into Office of Public Prosecutor, - Nina Dmitrievna has continued the story. - On reception has grasped also a photo on which George Bush with the wife stand, and below - the thanksgiving wish is written. In general, and has told: you see, what communications at me? My daughter is familiar with the president of America! So please, help me without delays.

it is surprising, but the public prosecutor of Asbestos Vadim Chukreev has really quickly got down to business. Nina Borzunova was at it reception on Monday, and on Wednesday he began to prepare documents in court. District administration, having been frightened, without postponing till Monday, on Friday has begun road repair. The largest holes fell asleep shchebenkoj. Have started up buses. In the end of September have promised to put asphalt.

- From the regional budget on road repair already was it is allocated 2,1 million roubles, - Vadim Chukreev has declared. - So money at officials is. If they it is tightened and will not find contractors who will spend necessary works the guilty are waited by criminal punishment - till three years of imprisonment.

- now we have money only on latanie roads, - the head of district Oleg Kabanov justified. - on capital repairs it is required more than five millions roubles.

- it is possible to tell, process has gone, - Nina Borzunova recognised. - But, unfortunately, in our country as - that all is not simple so. At us, it turns out, there are only duties, and for the rights it is necessary to struggle. It is difficult to tell: do not show I this photo to the public prosecutor, he would listen to me? Would began to deal with my problem?

prezidentstkie communications

Nina Dmitrievny Olga Kelko`s Daughter has met George Bush on a house lawn in which there passed a party arranged with his younger brother Dzhebom Bush, the governor of Florida. Olga, Bob Kelko husband, works in the device of this American official, therefore him with the spouse and have invited to the closed reception. That evening democratic Bush got acquainted with visitors. The American president was interested by unusual accent of the nice woman - Olga Kelko. Whence you it come? - Bush has asked. from Russia - Nina Dmitrievny`s daughter has responded.

the President has departed, was whispered with assistants, has enquired and after was scattered before Olga Kelko in compliments: Vau! It appears, you, the beauty from Russia, have given birth to America two remarkable sons, the present citizens of the USA! It is remarkable, many thanks!

after that he has signed a picture and has told at parting: I have remembered you, the American from Russia. If the help is necessary, be converted .

Having listened to this, I have asked history:

- And it is possible to see a legendary photo?

- and you that, do not believe me? - Nina Borzunova was surprised. - Know, I on a broader scale - that from its newsdealers did not show to anybody. Though... You, the young man, from what newspaper?

- from .

- So it in a root changes business! I But the bus will be only in eight evenings. In nine I houses. Call on.

Having agreed, I of the bus did not begin to wait and potopal on foot six kilometres on rubble to the nearest stop.

and in the evening after I have seen that miracle photo of a presidential couple, Nina Dmitrievna has said modestly:

- In November I again take off for Florida. If by this time it will not be expensive it is repaired, I will precisely complain to George Bush. And he will tell about it to Vladimir Putin. And then our president to officials of such tail will wind!