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8 - summer Shreds of Hares was lost under a multiton avalanche of sand

Walk of schoolmates on career has ended with tragedy

Inhabitants of village Konovalovo that near Pervouralsk, and knew earlier: to go on the thrown sandy open-cast mine it is life-threatening. And now on a broader scale try to avoid this place.

- still the day before I to it have told, it is impossible what there to go, have punished even. All the same has not obeyed, has again gone, - tells Nadezhda Zajtseva, the aunt of the boy. - and not only they one there walked. All children.

- with Vladik Jagafurovym two of them from one village were, - Nina Vasilevna Koshevarova, the class teacher 2 a class, school 40 where studied Roofing felt tells. - boys very amicable were.
roofing felt studied as one the five lessons never passed, came always tidied up, clean. On a broader scale, it very beautiful was: temnenky, and eyes blue - blue. Its aunt Nadja in the ninth class studies, always came on peremenkah, checked, how it is ready to a lesson. Took away it from school. Never it without supervision was. Awfully that the such has occurred. Till now to myself I can not come.

on Thursday at three o`clock in the afternoon at school has ended prodlenka and boys have gone home. At the fifth o`clock they already rushed on edge of an ill-starred open-cast mine. Them was three: vtoroklashki Roofing felt of Hares, Vladik Jagafurov and fifth-grader Vova Klimov. Vova has escaped therefrom earlier.

- He has told that has turned back and has seen, how the avalanche has broken. To anybody from adults he has not told about it. Speaks, has thought that they already had time to leave therefrom, - tells Nadja.

- We there simply ran, - each word is given to Vladik Jagafurovu with huge work, the child till now in shock. - I have seen that at Roofing felts behind the back sand began to be strewed. Has cried. And Roofing felt has told: I do not believe .

Shreds stood knee-deep in sand. Vladik has rushed to help the friend, but is useless. He hardly has had time to jump aside, as to Roofing felt fell asleep in multiton weight of sand and has taken down downwards with 20 - metre height. Vladik has there and then run home.

- We with muzhiks at first tried to dig out his hands, then shovels, - Vladik Jagafar`s father tells. - the Neighbour has approached on a small tractor with a ladle, there has then arrived the big tractor the Pole . Four and a half an hour searched. Have found where - that at half past eleven p.m. with rescuers. A shred a hand has torn off a tractor, the person have hurt a little.

At any moment the sand avalanche can descend again.

Mum and the stepfather the Shred work in the firm making a tile, the grandmother - the seller. A usual family. Here only now 2 - the summer little sister the Shred the Ice crust will play there is nobody.

- he as if hurried up to die that day, - grandmother Vera Veniaminovna cries. - From school has come tearing along, things has thrown and has run to walk. People them there saw, why nobody has driven away?

shreds has died literally in two minutes. It was impossible to rescue it. Have buried him every other day. Coffin did not begin to close, despite the spoilt face. Of terrible tragedy reminds only a wreath established at bottom 20 - metre open-cast mine. Every day the native go and shake off from it sand which and does not cease to slip.