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Street East have opened!

and the bridge through it will be already ready in October

Work on the bridge boils: mostotrjadovtsy try to be in time before colds. To Chernetsky have already promised to hand over the bridge by November, and soon after that already to start up on it trolley buses - razvorotnoe a ring of a new trolleybus line now build around metro station the Dynamo . The new route will pass from here on streets Shevchenkos and Soviet to street Sulimova, and will be in the long term prolonged in depth of Pioneer settlement in a direction of streets Vilonova and Teachers. The trolleybus line should become operational by the end of 2007.

entrance on the bridge from street Shevchenko is rolled already up by asphalt. Installation bodies the new bridge it is finished. Now builders work over a monolithic coupler of the laid beams and a waterproofing of a working surface of the bridge. And on the other hand, converted towards Pioneer settlement, the piece of street Soviet before its crossing with street Ural is reconstructed.

and At this time

What streets are blocked in Ekaterinburg:

  1. Loop road repair Comes to an end. While in a southern part of a ring movement is narrowed.
  2. street Boring from street Angarsk to street of Assemblers. Will open on September, 30th.
    the DETOUR: on street Shunting.
  3. Stepan Razin`s street from street Frunze to street ShChorsa. Have started to reconstruct in February. Movement opening is postponed for the end of October.
    the DETOUR: on streets ShChorsa, 8 Martha, Frunze, Belinsky.
  4. till September, 12th it is impossible to drive along the street Dolores Ibarruri from Krylov to a lane of Baranova. And from September, 13th till October, 15th on expansion will close a half-kilometre site of street of Kirov from street Melnikova to street of Turners. Then works in this place should end.
    the DETOUR: on street of Turners.
  5. street of the Baku Commissioners from street Communistic to Revolt street. To finish repair of this site of road it is planned only in October.
    the DETOUR: on streets of Revolt, Lomonosov, Communistic.
  6. street of Engels from street of the Rose Luxembourg to Gogol`s street. Building here is stopped, so when will open Engels, it is not known.
    the DETOUR: on streets Malysheva and Roses Luxembourg.
  7. street May Day on a piece between streets Mum`s - the Siberian and Turgeneva. Movement is closed to 6. On September, 00 16.