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The victim dedovshchiny Andrey Sychev has decided to go to the State Duma

The day before it has declared it in the LiveJournal. У long did not write, I prepare for hospital. Prepared and more for one, but that what`s happened today, I cannot understand on a broader scale. I have decided to go to the State Duma, today the uncle has carried the statement in the Chelyabinsk organisation of Union of Right Forces and there Nekipelov Andrey who should give all all the day from him ran, and then and has at all declared that does not take the statement that Sychev has not enough areas of type, let goes from Sverdlovsk or from another any, and in Chelyabinsk to it places are not present. They came to me and White and everything then did not speak anything about elections, but after their arrival has begun at journalists, I will go or not to the State Duma. Has decided to go and do not take. Well it was necessary not to beat this Nekipelova to give it all. I sit now and on a broader scale I understand nothing. All have gone mad? OK in Burdenko while things posobiraju У - Andrey has informed the readers.

we Will notice that several days before when in mass-media there were first hearings that Sychev will go to the State Duma, and he in the ZHZH, and the first persons of Union of Right Forces (Nemtsov and Tanks) categorically denied this information.

meanwhile as has told on the eve of radio station У Echo Moscow У the member of political council of the Union of the right forces Boris Nemtsov, a question on Andrey Sychev`s reception in the service record of Union of Right Forces will be solved till September, 18th. Nemtsov has apologised before Sychev and has added that knows about desire of the young man to stand in deputies of the State Duma. According to Nemtsov, the declaration of accession to party to Chelyabinsk branch of Union of Right Forces have not accepted, as have counted the document false.

Andrey Sychev`s sister so has commented on a situation: - Andrey intends to struggle up to the end. It has independently made the decision. Why the statement has written to Union of Right Forces? Because only this party in the program has a point - 0профессиональна€ army. Having endured vital tragedy, Andrey considers that the army problem needs to be solved.