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To Uralochke Eugene Otradnoj applodirovali Kobzon and Kirkorov

21 - the summer girl from Krasnoturyinsk became the second at competition Five stars

Young executors were judged by celebrities: Kobzon, Kirkorov, the Valley, Meladze, Babkina... Among participants there was also we zemljachka Evgenie Otradnaja which since first days of competition has started to win sympathies of jury the beautiful voice.

Eugene`s musical career has begun 14 years ago in Krasnoturyinsk. The seven-year asterisk has gone to sing in local Palace of culture and already a year or two from now with group Pharaons began to go on tour on different cities, to participate in various competitions. The talented girl was applauded even by Italy - in 1995 Eugene has won Gran - at at the international children`s competition the Gold coin . In Krasnoturyinsk till now remember, how Eugene has subdued the Morning star - all city looked!

Some years ago it together with parents has moved to Taganrog, but the immutable tradition to conquer at the talented girl remained. Two years ago we zemljachka has flashed on show a success Secret where has taken the second place.

It is said that after that it also have noticed. Offers from producers and composers fell down. Work of the last has soon born fruit - Zhenechka has stepped on the stage Five stars .

is a chance to pass to the following level of career, and also to get on the First channel, - admitted Evgenie before competition. As a result it not only has got on the First, but also has simply fascinated jury and spectators.

- it hardly - nearly did not have confidence or creative impudence - then discussed celebrities ours zemljachku. Evgenies from it 393 points the second place has got. Gran - at took a duet from Kiev - Potap and Nastja Kamensk. The first place have awarded to already known group The prime minister - the Minister .

- I home have arrived - what I here a star?! - Was over-modest Evgenie Otradnaja one year ago in native Krasnoturyinsk. It has arrived with the first concert to a favourite city and then has opened to friends the secret of success: is very serious formula which develops of many components, from many names. First of all from names of thy parents and teachers, and also from events in life and personal qualities. For example, will powers.

in the meantime the producer of a musical announcement of the First channel Yury Aksjuta on total the press - conferences has promised that will help further our talented zemljachke.