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The Ekaterinburg student has lost sight from - for unsuccessful operations

Olga Gorelik has shared the misfortune with />
- I since the childhood had problems with sight, - Olga Gorelik, the student of a third year of philosophical faculty UrGu has told to us. - Gradually sight has fallen to a minus of eight. I do not leave for a long time lenses. And now at me one eye at all does not see. More precisely, there are only a few percent of lateral sight.

Olga of once a year went on inspections to usual doctors, received necessary for maintenance of sight pricks. And like all it was good, anyway, deterioration it was not observed. But, as ill-luck would have it, this spring the girl has decided to be converted to professional as then it seemed to it, experts. Such thoughts have resulted it in one of private ophthalmologic clinics of Ekaterinburg.

- On reception the ophthalmologist to me has told at once that the retina is simply in an awful status, - remembers that nightmare Olga. - me have hardly got any medicines for three thousand, have appointed course of treatment to ten days (for seven thousand). These ten days I felt normally. Certainly, round eyes there were hypostases, but this everyday occurrence after a prick which is put directly under an eye. And for the tenth day here such treatment the right eye has gone blind completely. The doctor has calmed supposedly it only an angiospasm, the girl perenervnichala. By the evening all will pass. But by the evening, not next day has occurred nothing. The eye on - former strongly was ill. Olga has gone on all eminent clinics and the centres of Ekaterinburg. Has spent for it of an order of 30 thousand roubles.

- I was examined by different doctors, did ultrasonic, swung heads and anything concrete did not tell. I even did not know the diagnosis. There was such impression that they as though have agreed with each other, - Olga speaks. - from 23 - j hospitals have directed me to the main ophthalmologist of area who at once, even without ultrasonic, has diagnosed - an optic nerve atrophy. On a question, than it is called, he only has shrugged shoulders, and has told that cannot incur responsibility to discuss work of other experts.

such diagnosis - almost a sentence. Sight will be already never restored. Olga drank valocordin as water and in full frustration has gone to mum, in Hunts - Mansijsk. Tatyana Jurevna has calmed the daughter and has got a direction in institute of a name of Gelmgoltsa in Moscow.

- there at me only have looked and have asked: you, probably, know, what the come blindness - a consequence of unsuccessfully made prick? The retina initially was in an excellent status . The diagnosis has proved to be true. Certainly, and I could not present that to me the eye has pierced a needle from a syringe, - the girl sighs.

the healthy eye strongly is tired - Olga reads much, works behind the computer. Still she wants to receive a driving licence, but does not know, a leah will resolve. And to give birth to the girl it is necessary eventually.

- business now considers court, I am helped by the lawyer, - Olga speaks. - I do not understand till now, why so doctors behaved. Or it is a question of their competence, or professional honour. Then that they on private mutual responsibility ignored both the diagnosis, and an aetiology. And after all in Moscow to me have told that if time not wasted in vain the blindness could to be admitted.

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