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As postrichsja in the latest fashion

In KOSKe spend the master - classes on hairdresser`s art and a make-up

At an exhibition in KOSKe not to force the way. In a nose the kind one hundred every possible perfumery aromas strikes. Hair dryers and massage brushes around buzz. The crowd of people slowly moves from one stand to another. Girls look after to themselves cosmetics, the most courageous become experimental for visagistes and hairdressers who spend here the master - classes for all comers. On the next couch directly on a kind at public do massage.

- it is necessary to you shadows scheme colour is more light, - the cosmetician advises. Scissors the next barber nearby bosses.

free of charge to make a vesper make-up, it is interesting postrichsja, and at the same time and to fill up the beautician with novelties - on all it at you there is a couple of days. From September, 11 till September, 13th in KOSKe passes a forum In the power of beauty .

In the main hall - competition of hairdressers and masters on design of nails. Since the morning of the girl, nonstop and scissors, work wonders with heads of the models. Here some nominations - one are more fashionable another.

advises how stylishly to be cut in this season

1. A technical nomination.

Bright, contrast melirovanie - it is possible two - three colours. Only natural hair, without use postizhej. Packing by a varnish, hairpins.

2. A wedding hairdress.

Hair paint in advance, the hairdress becomes for half an hour. Dissymetric packing by means of hairpins. It is decorated by pastes.

3. A historical hairdress.

the Image the Glamour 60 .
Smooth hair are accurately collected in a bunch on top.
Fastens a varnish, hairpins, invisible beings, it is decorated by a white tape.
for end - a suitable dress, short gloves, pearls thread on a neck.

4. A make-up.

the Girl of the Samurai : bright eyes, scarlet lips, for a raciness - drawing on the person.
the image is supplemented with a hairdress - smooth black hair with diamond sparks - and a black silk dress.