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Cancer: about what you were afraid to ask, but all - taki have asked

After conversation in edition for a round table the Cancer: a deadly sentence or test of the person? (from June, 18th) in which took part the director of the Sverdlovsk regional oncological clinic Vyacheslav Shamansky managing stand of oncology UrGmA Sergey Berzin and others, we have understood that the subject should be continued, as it has appeared that it stirs much more people, than we assumed. Today leading experts of official body of public health services respond to questions of readers the Sverdlovsk regional oncological clinic Olga Dzerzhinsky - the candidate of science, the senior lecturer and Alexey Evtjugin - the doctor of higher category.

Olga Dzerzhinsky

the Soul is obliged to be treated

- Good afternoon, my name is Olga. I live near to the oncological centre. I know that in Center territory there is a temple, but am afraid to visit him. It is said that oncological diseases are infectious. A leah truth it?

Island D: - Olechka, it, of course, a lie. Temple visitation always operates beneficently on mentality of the person. After all our relatives, fellow citizens come to a temple with prayful mood. In a temple the person remains with the most sincere, kind thoughts alone with itself and God. Concerning the nature of oncological diseases the experts using a deserved authority in world medical community, are unequivocally voiced that it has no infectious character. Better to say, the cancer is not infectious. Come also be afraid of nothing.

- pensioner Lydia Jakovlevna Sorokin disturbs you. And how the church helps oncological patients?

Island D: - church Visitation - one of important points reabilitatsionno - a regenerative stage of treatment. In our temple Vsetsaritsa especially beneficent conditions consecrated with love and good. A temple okormljaet the professor of medicine the protopope father Sergy (Vogulkin). In especially solemn occasions a divine liturgy lord Vikenty ministers. Each person can be returned grace here about well-being and health of the relatives, to find a spiritual support, to support sincere health.

to me advise to drink fly agaric infusion...

- Hello, my name is Love. Heard about antioksidantnyh complexes. A leah it is possible to use them for cancer treatment?

Island D: - Antioksidantnye complexes, as well as other biological additives, are not considered by doctors as medicamentous means for treatment. They can be only addition, background means for maintenance of immunity, preventive maintenance of various diseases. Any preparations can be accepted only after consultation of the good expert. Especially carefully it is necessary to use any bioadditives in case of oncological diseases when there is a chemotherapeutic treatment. Be necessarily converted behind advice to us. Our experts will make correct recommendations.

- Good afternoon, it calls Vladimir Petrovich, me of 57 years. I lay of one and a half month in onkotsentre with a brain tumour. What does the modern science speak about possibilities of healing of this illness and treatment is how much expensive?

And. E: - you interests, how much is operation?

- I Hope that before will not reach, but operation cost was to be known.

And. E: - the brain Tumour should be treated in the operative way. It is the most effective method. Other methods - beam therapy, chemotherapy are applied also. Inhabitants of Sverdlovsk area in a direction of the doctor are operated free of charge.

- and a leah it is possible to be converted to folk healers?

And. E: - In this case - there is no necessity. The main thing - not to forget the recommendation of experts, constantly to keep in contact with doctor and to ask questions interesting you.

Island D: - Vladimir Petrovich, I want you to calm. Thank God, you have passed treatment in our centre which by right name clinic of the twenty first century on level of medical technologies. All at you will be as it should be, illness will leave you alone. Radiological treatment is very effective. Only do not lose touch with experts. If at you in the house the crane or the computer has broken, you are, of course, converted to those who is able to repair them. And when breaks an organism, many go not to the doctor, and to the first comer. An organism - very difficult system, and to the nonspecialist it is not allowed to expect all consequences travolechenija, for example. At oncological diseases the liver more often suffers affliction. That the healthy person uses that for preventive maintenance, can work great mischief sick of a cancer. If you want to accept any means - come to us, we will consult and will understand, a leah it is necessary to do it. At you the trouble will disappear, and it will be easier to wait treatment second year. And it for you now the most important thing.

- me have advised to drink fly agaric infusion...

island D: - In nowise! Oncological diseases are connected with the general intoxication of an organism. By-effects from himiopreparatov, radiological treatment are added. Superfluous loading on an organism fly agaric toxins has fatal consequences. The same it is possible to tell and about other means popular in the people.

neurosurgery - the friend of the person

- Good afternoon, my name is Lyudmila Ivanovna Denisenko. Heard that in the oncological centre there is a microneurosurgery centre. A leah it is possible to learn more in detail about its possibilities?

And. E: - Quite right, into structure of an oncological clinic enters Ural regional nejrohirurgichesky the centre which is headed by the doctor of medical sciences, professor Vladimir Sakovich. In the centre the highly most skilled neurosurgeons are collected. The centre has the big possibilities of rendering nejrohirurgicheskoj the help. All possible operations on head and a spinal cord, since a hernia of intervertebral disks are made and finishing intravascular operations at arterial and arteriovenoznyh aneurysms. All operations are made by means of microsurgical technics and operational optics. Any patient can be converted into polyclinic of an oncological clinic, an office 212.

Island D: - Five years ago the centre of neurosurgery which was in 40 - j to hospital earlier, has been translated to us. The newest techniques of carrying out of operations - from the elementary to the most difficult take root.

do not beat around the bush - convert better to the oncologist

- Hello, she is Natalia Viktorovna Rechkalova. How it is possible profilaktirovat oncological diseases?

Island D: - the Most important thing - regularly to pass kliniko - diagnostic inspection, is not more rare than an once in a year. For women of reproductive age the minimum standard of inspection - consultation onkoginekologa, mammologa, LOR - the oncologist, ultrasonic research, mammografija, cytology. For men is a survey of the urologist, the general oncologist, LOR - the oncologist, ultrasonic, a X-ray of lungs. You can pass all these inspections at us in onkotsentre. High-class professionals who will pay attention to guarding changes in an organism Here work and will make recommendations about treatment and preventive maintenance measures. Daily be converted you can from 9 o`clock till 15 o`clock on reception to any expert. Cost of a complex of necessary and sufficient inspections - 1000 roubles. The information by phone 376 - 95 - 44. Be converted. We will help you.

- hello, it is Larissa Ivanovna. And it is possible most to define to any signs, what at you a cancer?

And. E: - To external signs it to make, of course, it is difficult. But if you have started to feel sensations unusual for you - weakness, fatigue, increase to evening of temperature, decrease in appetite or was noticed by any consolidations, new growths on a skin, you should be converted to the oncologist.

Island D: - Larissa Ivanovna, how old are you?

- forty eight.

Island D: is such age in which the most different diseases can be shown. Therefore very much I recommend to you to be surveyed at us. It is very important, that you were supervised by the good clinical physician - the attentive, kind, thoughtful doctor. And to be surveyed in different hospitals in parts - not the best method.

- hello, my name is Galina Borisovna Korableva. I have passed treatment in an oncological clinic. Weight of questions which disturbed me, for today are solved thanks to the attentive relation of the medical personnel and high qualification of doctors onkodispansera: Valery Baryshnikova, Eleonory Petrenevoj, Svetlanas Berzinoj, Gennady Ginzburg, Anatoly Kuzina. Big to you thanks.

the inquiry

In the Oncological centre on the questions connected with order of inspection, it is necessary to be converted into an office 107, 1 hospital case.
phones: (343 376 - 95 - 44, 376 - 99 - 81 (neurosurgery).
Reception is conducted by experts daily with 9. 00 to 15. 00.