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Nelli Uvarova were invited uraltsa to herself in husbands

In Ekaterinburg by her has played mini - wedding

- I always see, who from public has come to look at performance, and who - Katya Pushkarev. But more often both those, and others eventually unite, - tells Nelli Uvarova.

it has arrived To Ekaterinburg with statement behaviour Rules in a modern society . An hour and a half the actress had to communicate with spectators alone. She admits that was terrible, and the hall in TJUZe has appeared completely not such, in what Nelli has got used to play.

- at us at Youth theatre a platform small, it is possible to stretch a hand - and the person on a scene to pull out.

in Ekaterinburg Uvarovoj was necessary to run in a hall: on a scene it was blinded by light from projectors, and she at all did not see spectator persons. But all - taki has not missed: has seized by a hand of the young man which before public was not confused at all. Later it was found out that it too the actor so Nelli has carried.

the second the elect it has appeared the director of publicity agent. 24 - summer Vova Vetrova Nelli has noticed in the third number - and has asked to become the husband. For a short while, certainly: only for the period of performance.

24 - summer Vova Vetrova Nelli has asked to become her husband.

- did not expect, certainly. I also did not try to convert on myself attention. And it has deduced me on a scene, has embraced. We with it kept for hands and exchanged rings, - Vova tells. - has asked, a leah agree to take her as wife. I have, of course, agreed.

but in five minutes Uvarova has sent the newly made husband back, in auditorium.

Katya Pushkarev lectured about behaviour - and from the serial actress here does not remain also a trace. Uvarova has appeared before public in an image of the woman without age which tells about the most important periods of human life: a birth, baptism, wedding, silver wedding...

- very simple everyday questions - but not all so is simple. Even children calm down, when statement look, - Nelli rejoices.

In public it modest, hair are accurately brushed, a dark jacket. From time to time the actress coughed: probably, the Ural Indian summer has affected.

to us it has arrived to a city on the All-Russia festival Real theatre . Ekaterinburg for some days became cultural capital. Theatrical collectives from different cities, and with all " here have gathered; Pushkarev very much wanted to communicate, look at any plays. However, and was not in time: all time was taken away by rehearsals and performance. nelli gave the lecture two days running. The short break has happened only in the evening, and free time of Uvarova has decided to spend for walk on a city.

- I after all here was already, but all per day and almost have remembered nothing, only a dawn at the airport. And it is a pity, when you have not time to look at a city, - Nelli has complained.

This time it managed to walk, though and nearby: Has walked on the central streets, near to TJUZom. - I do not love, when me carry on any tourist points, - the actress admitted. - it is much better to choose a route most, late at night, that in streets there was no vanity. Simply to resemble, look.