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To a registry office have gone on first aid

Olga and Dmitry Mitjushkiny from Wood have fallen in love with each other in pionerlagere and have lived to silver wedding

- On one of discos where the Komsomol active gathered, I have seen it and at once the eye has put. To friends has told: I marry it - Dmitry remembers the first meeting. - then me from factory have sent to leaders in pioneer camp Teremok under Bottom Turoj. What my surprise when has learnt was that it too there goes the tutor.

There was it in 1982. Dmitry worked as the laboratorian at factory in Wood, Olga at school taught FROM. Then active workers of Komsomol have been obliged to fulfil in pionerlagere, without speaking about young teachers.

- that change on a broader scale unusual was. Except us, some more pairs have got married, - with a smile Olga remembers. Are our friends till now.

the Girl it was visible - went in a fashionable knitted skirt, golfs. Men asked often: And you not from Baltic? Dmitry had strong contenders: Olga was looked after at once by two young men, Oleg and Ramil, moreover all guys of a hostel tried to flirt with it almost.

- so it was a shame to me before little girls in camp. Oleg and Ramil came often to me on a visit, and I almost with Dimoj spent all time. Then and mum I have taken aback. Has called and has told that in marriage I leave. She asks: For Oleg or for Ramilja? - No, mum! For Dimu! - Olga laughs.

the director of camp it has appeared the woman understanding and shut eyes to that this pair basically has been occupied the friend by the friend, instead of children. And in the end of change has planted Olga with Dmitry in camp first aid with words: Will suffice you simply so to go, ezzhajte already to a registry office! And young at first lodge for fun in the car and under siren howl have gone to say goodbye to bachelorhood.

- have written the application, and us ask, what surname we will take. We of mansion have responded: Asisjajkiny . Then theatre of parodies Actors it was very popular, - Olga explains a joke. - there was no time us to think of it.

Olga began to call to mum. And the happy bride periodically looked out of a booth and asked again Dmitry where it works, how old is he, who parents. The friends observing it, rolled with laughter.

- I have gone at once to holiday to mum, in Hunts - Mansijsk. Between times a dress wedding has sewed, - to Olga up to the end it was not believed that so can be. - Has returned on September, 1st, and 10 - go already wedding have played. And there without incident has not managed. The repayment was tightened - it occurred on 9 floor, to do to me there was nothing. It seemed that the veil has become crumpled. I have stroked. And a hole has burnt. Without thinking twice, took scissors and cut off - has truncated it. And anything, it has normally turned out!

Semja Mitjushkinyh with the daughter-in-law Lena. Soon she will present to Olga and Dmitry grandsons.
the Woman of year And the gifted artist

Now Olga - the head of studio it is decorative - applied art the Harmony at the Center of children`s creativity of a city Wood. At it children learn to draw a batic in style and to make hand-made articles of a skin.
Dmitry works at factory, earns additionally the video operator on local television studio. Both sons, Alexey and Maxim, married. Alexey has got over to Moscow, Maxim from Wood has not left - works in one of firms.

- when children of daughters-in-law have resulted, it too was unexpected, - Olga speaks. - but I have remembered history of the marriage. And anything about hasty decisions did not begin to tell. Still I am very grateful to the father-in-law and the mother-in-law - they at once so warmly me have concerned. Thank God, at children too all has developed remarkably.

Olga is not content with a role of the teacher of additional education. Its tremendous pictures executed in the technician a batic, the painted scarfs issued by it interiors of shops are known by all city.

in 1999 Olga Mitjushkina at the first regional competition the Woman of year has won first place in a nomination Marja - the mistress . The same year - the first place in competition My native land . In 2004 has received the first place at the All-Russia competition the Master able fingers in a nomination the Batic . At regional competition talent Sides in 2003 and 2005 has earned gran - at for a batic and the first place - for products from a skin. Besides, every year in Wood pass its exhibitions - in the house of creativity of youth the Youth in the central city library and a museum. It is surprising that with such talents from Wood it and has not left.

- Me about it even the Minister of Education of area Nesterov asked, - Olga speaks. - ambitions of a world scale at me are not present. I could both to Moscow, and to Leningrad to go to arrive. Was afraid. It is terrible to think - if has gone, there were no then at me my boys, there would be no loving and careful husband. On September, 10th we have noted 25 - letie from the date of our wedding. So to me has carried!