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Parents vanish in Sverdlovsk area at children

more than once told that this summer in area any boom of parental irresponsibility is observed. Children steal, they leave the house, parents lose children, intentionally leave them without supervision and even kill. One of these days again two boys were lost.

Militia and rescuers search 13 - summer Yana Yushchenko in Krasnoturyinsk to wood on September, 11th Jan has left in wood and has not returned. The boy is searched three days by one hundred militiamen and 20 experts poiskovo - saving group of Krasnoturyinsk. But, probably, in wood it is not present.

- There is a probability that this boy did not leave anywhere, - has told Haris Nizamutdinov, the chief of militia of public security of Krasnoturyinsk. - it left the house already some times. Last time, in the winter, it have found out in one grandmother. JAn it is casual to it has come, has asked to attempt. Two days he lived at it. Then the woman was converted into militia. It very artful. Quite probably, as this time it it is simple at someone has stopped. Despite it, searches and operatively - investigatory actions proceed.

Jan there is more than year remained without parents back - both of them have put in prison for drugs. Guardianship over it was issued by the step-brother. He also was converted with the statement into militia.

Raphael waits mum two months.
Mother has left the 6 - the summer son of the acquaintance at which he has lived two months, and has disappeared.

Militias the boy has told that his name is Raphael Bubajdulin. 6 Home address - the summer kid does not know, but has told that his father is imprisoned.

Raphael has lived at familiar mother two months. Neighbours have paid attention that in the house there lives another`s child, and were converted into militia. Presumably, mother call Olesya Bubajdulina. While for it search, the boy is in a shelter. All to whom something is known also a site of the woman, inspectors on affairs of minors ask to be converted by phone (343 260 - 44 - 70.