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Oleg Kozhanov has brought to Ural Mountains the largest victory for 70 years!

the big football feast in Ekaterinburg has come to the end with a happy end (video) .
on September, 16th Ural Mountains accepting in a quarterfinal of the Cup of Russia ramensky Saturn has achieved historical achievement for Sverdlovsk football. Thanks to two goals of the recent hero Oleg Kozhanova, Ural Mountains has won 2:1 and left in a semi-final. It happens for the first time for more than 70 - summer history of Sverdlovsk football!

Saturn which in the end of summer has typed a decent course in the prime minister - league, in Ekaterinburg looked shaky. Visitors could afflict once only our goalkeeper Sergey Armisheva is Andrey Karjaka who has evened up scores on 22 - j has made to minute. But in the end of the first time Kozhanov has scored the second goal, and it has appeared that this hammered ball - victorious for Ural Mountains . In the second time Saturn desperately tried to break a situation. For 25 minutes till the end of a meeting in the field even there was the well-known Dmitry Loskov which arrival by visitors carefully disappeared. But also it has not helped to Saturn to defeat. The final whistle has fixed victory sverdlovchan and explosion of emotions in the VIP - a bed.

having rejected the official solidity, to embraces have each other rushed Alexander Levin and Sergey Chemezov. In an impulse of feelings embraced also Yury Osintsev the president Ural Mountains Grigory Ivanov.

witnesses of this achievement of a steel of 16 000 spectators, under an outset hammered in stadium an Uralmash . The Fighting spirit of fans supported a military orchestra, tribunes of a mansion sang a Victory Day also started up a wave. The fan - sector too was noted by several effective performances like fajer - show and banner skirmishes with the fan - sector of visitors In a word, feast atmosphere not that that soared in air, and, it is possible to tell, resounded.

About it has told after a match and the head coach of owners Alexander Pobegalov:

- Our victory consists of many components, and one of the main things is a support of fans. Thanks them that have helped us to defeat! Increase in qualification became one more pleasant addition to an exit in a semi-final for our football players. Each player Ural Mountains left in Cup matches in the field, will receive the next sports rank - the master of sports .

In 1/ 2 cup-finals of Russia which will take place in the spring of next year, sverdlovchane will meet with Perm Amkarom . Our neighbours have beaten in the quarterfinal FK Moscow . Where the Ural semi-final - in Ekaterinburg will take place or in Perm - will dare as a result of a toss-up.
is more detailed about a match Ural Mountains and Saturn - read tomorrow on our site.

the Victorious goal of Kozhanova in gate Saturn (video)!