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The three-year child prodigy do not start up in school

Though the kid already is able to read and knows the multiplication table

We already wrote that summer of child prodigy Mark Vishnju the nurse has left. About it the kid pogrustil. And even has for a while forgotten figure 30 - number when the nurse should come.

in the autumn of the boy have decided to give to a kindergarten. However, as it was found out, to arrange it there not so - that simply. Not a secret that with gardens in Ekaterinburg a situation difficult: places does not suffice.

- we had to write the letter Evgenii Umnikovoj - with the request to find a place for Marika, - mum of the boy Natalia Vishnja tells. The glory of a telestar has played karapuzu on a hand. The chief of a municipal government of education, most likely, the well-known boy - the calculator has learnt, has decided to meet. And the manager 28 - m a kindergarten not against to take Mark in group - as soon as the instructions from above will arrive.

the Garden chose by a simple principle: any there not specialised, for advanced children, and it is simple that is closer to the house. In a family of three children it is small it is small less, and to bring them at the other end of the world at Natalia simply there is no time.

meanwhile Marik to a kindergarten to go not too it is torn. The kid would like in school more. When big brother Matvej has gone on September, 1st to 5 class, in the special form, yes with a portfolio, at the three-year child prodigy of an eye have lighted up with envy.

- I too in school want! - he has declared to mum.

- 7 years here will be executed - and will go, - that has responded.

- and me already seven, - Marik very much tried to convince parents.

now karapuz, probably, already was figures for a year forward: prefers not to multiply, and simply to be played with numbers. Sometimes plays the fool, specially considers incorrectly. However, to clean the multiplication table from the room to parents all the same has not resolved.

now it counts money more. Likes to select coins in the street and already knows that 50 copecks + 50 copecks are 1 rouble. Has got to itself a coin box where regularly throws these street finds.

almost all time of Marik potters with the younger little sister Alina. On the sly starts to read, sits at the abc-book. And the favourite book at the Cherry - Visionaries Nosova, it read together with mum.

by the way, it already shows the infallible memory and at reading: remembers by heart the whole pieces of the text. If mum where - nibud is mistaken or will rearrange words in places, at once corrects supposedly in the book not so is written.

Mark shebutnoj, does not sit in place, very much likes to communicate with all.

- Oksanka, you where were? By what tram has reached? - Asks me from a threshold.

To the contemporaries in the street too sticks with questions, and is interested in everything more often that is connected with figures: number of the house, apartment, phone number. Remembers, naturally, on time, so in a head at it now - practically a database .