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10 - to the summer schoolboy schoolmates have broken a backbone in the face of the teacher

One of these days in the woman has called. She cried in a tube literally. Her son - the fourth-grader in native lycee 130 Ekaterinburg has received a serious trauma.

the tragedy has occurred in December 2006 - go, before the Newest year. All this time Lolita Vladimirovna tried to achieve independently justice, but all attempts have appeared are vain.

on a trauma have not informed not to frighten the grandmother

In a class Vladik always it was allocated - the nurtured boy, never used foul language, lessons did not shirk. It also has incited against myself two squabblers - Dimu and Daniel (we do not specify a surname for ethical reasons). They have taken a dislike to Vladik for a long time. According to Lolita Vladimirovny, in the second class between children there was a serious conflict. In fight Daniel even has torn off a sleeve of a jacket of Vladik. But then at school this conflict have preferred to hush up. After two years of the relation between children again were heated.

- on change my son sat in a class at a school desk, - Vladik`s mum has told. - it has bent to fasten laces on boots. Its neighbour in a school desk has told that during this moment of Dima has offered Daniel that that has jumped to Vladik on a back. That was not slow to seize the moment, and has not simply jumped, but also was shaken on it. And all it occurred in the face of the class teacher of Anna Vladimirovny.

After the hooligan of tears from Vladik`s back, that could not sit down directly: as soon as it has tried to be unbent, the back was pierced with an acute pain. The teacher has sent the schoolboy in a first-aid post where it was examined by the nurse and has diagnosed - a bruise. And to anybody from relatives on accident have not informed.

- I had a presentiment that with Vladik something happens, - Lolita Vladimirovna cries. - I have come running in school - the son lies in a first-aid post on a couch and not that what to speak - to breathe cannot almost. Has asked, why have not called, so the nurse has responded that has decided not to frighten the aged grandmother of the schoolboy.

these hooligans run, and my son lies

Two days Vladik has lain at home without rising. Then mother had a suspicion that at the child at all a bruise.

in 9 - j to children`s hospital to Vladik have made a x-ray picture.
It has appeared that at the boy kompressionnyj a fracture of spinal column.

- the teacher whom Vladik complained of these hooligans and which has made nothing to prevent accident, have dismissed, - Lolita Vladimirovna tells. - But unless from it to my son it became easier? The child lay in hospital, and anybody from school has not come to visit it. At all have not called never to consult about its status.

In some days Lolita Vladimirovnu have called in a militia strong point. The divisional has asked to write the application and has passed it in inspection on affairs of minors. But there criminal case did not begin to raise. It has appeared that the teacher has written Dime and Daniel positive characteristics.

- I to them do not have claims, - motivated the act Anna Vladimirovna.

In the official resolution it has been written: criminal case excitation to refuse behind the expiration of terms of granting of a material. The decision can be appealed against through court or Office of Public Prosecutor .

- Whence in the world such injustice? - Lolita Vladimirovna cries. - Why these hooligans run, and my Vladik lies some months? I have phoned to the head of department of education Evgenii Umnikovoj, she has told that the school is not guilty. And who then is guilty? Who will be responsible for what my son became the invalid?

For minor children parents

We respond have consulted with the lawyer. Business really difficult, is necessary to find witnesses of tragedy who will confirm Lolita Vladimirovny`s version. But anyway, it is impossible to neglect all. It is possible to complain of a school management in any instances, beginning from rajono and finishing the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. By the way, in the Ministry of the general and vocational training of Sverdlovsk area already in a situation course. In the near future Lolita Vladimirovna will get on reception to the expert, which will consult it how to behave further.

most easier to punish hooligans, more precisely, their parents. Eventually, the last so have nurtured children, hence, before the law they should respond. That against parents have filed criminal charges, it is necessary to write in Office of Public Prosecutor the application with the detailed description of an event, to put all inquiries and the accident certificate.

where to call?

If your child has suffered from hands of minor schoolmates, be converted into regional Office of Public Prosecutor.


Daniel have ordered to jump on a back to Vladik?

Andrey Martyanov, the director of lycee 130:
In December, 2006 in our lycee there was an accident. On change pupils 4 a class played game Order to me . Pupil Dima has ordered to the schoolmate to jump Daniel on a back to Vladik. It has ended with a backbone trauma.

most of all in this situation I have been revolted by actions of the class teacher. She tried to hide accident. Natural after truth has emerged outside, we have dismissed it, she any more is not engaged in pedagogical activity. But the discontent of mum consisted and that we have late made investigation. Accident has occurred on the eve of New year so we could gather only after vacation. It was found out that between these children already there were conflict situations. But a problem that mum herself has not come to me to understand.

the similar situation was in other fourth class: to me parents have come and have told that children quarrel, and quarrels have dangerous character. In three days at us has passed PTA meeting to which have been invited the psychologist, all parents, the class teacher, the deputy director on legal education. Such complex approach has helped to solve a problem quickly. But Lolita Vladimirovna why - that has come, only when her son was traumatised.

By the way, parents of all schoolmates have very warmly reacted. They for couple of days have collected the large sum on treatment. The school, in turn, has organised house training of the child. Lolita Vladimirovna demanded blood of children. She wanted, that we have excluded Dimu and Daniel from lycee. But we can operate only within the limits of the legislation. There are accurate bases for deduction of the minor from school. These children have been put on vnutrilitsejsky the account. On preventive maintenance advice their behaviour was traced. It has not been established that these children regularly behave badly. So, if I have excluded them, already their parents quite obosnovanno would show claims to me.