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After a match with Ural Mountains Saturn has arranged an act of vandalism in a locker room

football Stars have fallen to revilings!

the Ball with the autograph from Saturn

It to you not an inscription on a fence, made fans Saturn in the alcoholic I go. Indecent words nakarjabany on a football which remained in a locker room Saturn after a match with Ural Mountains .
Having lost, football players of the command situated near Moscow have not found anything wittier, than to leave here such here a gift .

On a ball also there are autographs. Most likely, it is signatures Antonina Kinski, Vadim Yevseyev, Andrey Karjaki, Edgarasa Chesnauskisa, Iliassu Shilly. All is adults, places family people who are stars of the Russian football; Which after each match distribute hundreds autographs to small kiddies

And these children - stars - millionaires - family men - have not found anything better, than, having left Ekaterinburg, to leave a ball with more than trite inscription. It is interesting, a leah players " have told; Saturn about the brilliant joke to the head coach of our command Alexander Pobegalovu? After all Alexander Mihajlovich right after a match has departed to Moscow one flight together with Saturn . Our trainer should leave urgently to native Yaroslavl to solve some legal as it was expressed, questions

it is easy to guess, who exactly, most likely, was the initiator such congratulations to our command in connection with an exit in a semi-final.

the Best saturnovets Andrey Karjaka has enjoyed a defeat bowl to the bottom.
a photo: Andreev Vladimir

It is known that after a recent match of premieres - leagues the Locomotive - Saturn defender Vadim Yevseyev ran on podtribunnym to stadium premises the Locomotive with harlot shouts. And thus nobody could calm down it.

Vadim Yevseyev is that person who on a threshold of the thirtieth anniversary couple of years has scored the goal which has deduced Russia on the European championship back. After that Yevseyev has run up to a television camera and on the air has all over the country shouted: H. j to you . For it it have nicknamed Mr. HV and on a broader scale began to respect for patriotism.

now Vadim Yevseyev has learnt new words. We will be glad for rough jump of intellectual development of this football player as there is an opinion that at football players with intellectual development - serious problems. Well and Kinski, Karjaka, Chesnauskis - we will be glad and for these children If with football at them it will not turn out, they can earn money own mind in type transfers What? Where? When? .

After Oleg Kozhanova`s hammered two balls (in the centre) began to sponsor more densely.
Grigory Ivans: we will struggle for the Cup of Russia!

Well it is fine. We will leave players Saturn in rest. After all not they were protagonists of a match, and our football players. Though before the game beginning only the person far from football could look easy at a starting lineup sverdlovchan.

At Ural Mountains In defence there were serious problems. Evgenie Averyanov and Maxim Ryazantsev yet have not typed the best form after traumas. The favourite of tribunes, black Ade Ojevole has passed two games from - for disqualification. And on the right flank there was Sergey Miroshnichenko who almost never played this place. In such combination protection Ural Mountains still never acted. Alexander Pobegalov has forcedly made a cocktail worthy Venichki Yerofeev!

but defence operated above any praises. Fine helped defenders of Artem Fidler. It had a special occasion to be adjusted on this match. In the summer Saturn was interested in its person. Ural Mountains has not released the pupil, and, probably, in Ramensky now feel sorry that this transition has not taken place. Fidlera as if cloned on this match: at times it seemed that it was in three places simultaneously! And the loudest applause of Artem has broken, when in falling through itself has beaten out a ball from own penal, having deprived Saturn a correct goal.

as though well defence played, but for victory it is necessary to hammer. Therefore it is necessary to name the protagonist of a match Oleg Kozhanova who has caused a stir twice. And the second ball, victorious for Ural Mountains it has hammered masterly. Having written down on video, it is possible to send this episode though in Barcelona though in Manchester United : Kozhanov soft a scoop has thrown the goalkeeper who has jumped out towards, Antonina Kinski. As if Kinski is and not the player of Czech Republic national team whom Oleg went last year on the World championship

After the second ball has run to a fence separating spectator tribunes from a racetrack. As if in matches of the Italian championship, it has climbed on an obstacle and long hung on it, celebrating a historical goal. . Oleg even has received a yellow card for such rough display of emotions. But who on its place would arrive differently?

Kozhanov has reacted on a mustard plaster gesture of the winner - it has only carelessly given up as a bad job towards the judge. It is guilty supposedly forgive

- I and did not know that for it give a yellow card, - our attacking justified after game.

- Some errors... And 2:1!

As a result, for the one first time of a meeting in Ekaterinburg visitors have passed as much, how much in six August matches of premieres - leagues! The bill 2:1 and remained on a board before the match termination.

- we have admitted some unjustified errors in defence, - the head coach " complained after game; Saturn Gadzhi Gadzhiev. - and in the second time in attack

Gadzhi Muslimovich not absolutely productively operated was gloomy and gloomiest. It and is clear, after all before Saturn - the problem stood the favourite sports project of the governor of Moscow suburbs of Boris Gromova - to win the Cup of Russia. But after a match in Ekaterinburg visitors remained with what.

- At us now each player - the master of sports!

- Well sounds - the master of sports of Russia Adesoje Ojevole ? - Gadzhiev, Alexander Pobegalov`s colleague smiled...

Sounds well, and the main thing that all under the law: each player Ural Mountains now, after an exit in a semi-final, will be the master of sports .

After a final whistle has glanced in office and the president of club Grigory Ivans. Having looked at the poster on a wall, he has declared: I Want, that same and at Ural Mountains has appeared .
On the poster has been represented mini - football VISAS become in 2007 - m to year the owner of the Russian Cup

to execute a wish of the president, to Ural Mountains it is necessary to win only two matches. The first of them - semifinal. It will pass in the spring of next year. The rival - Perm Amkar .