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13 - summer Yana Yushchenko search on all area

Also there is to the unknown person three-year Maxim Plotnikova`s destiny. But there was mother 6 - summer Raphael Gibadulina.

already told that recently children are lost one after another. Searches of the majority of them were at a deadlock.

13 - summer krasnoturinets Jan Yushchenko has moved in races?

Jan has left one week ago the house and has not come back home. Hundred rescuers and 20 militiamen combed some days wood round Krasnoturyinsk. Without results. And searched in spite of the fact that in militia the reputation already has had time to be fixed to this boy the chronic fugitive . Parents are in prison. Term it of a distance under serious article - drugs. Guardianship over Janom took the step-brother. In its house to the boy it was not sat.

- to comb wood there is no sense more, - has told Haris NIZAMUTDINOV, the chief of militia of public security of Krasnoturyinsk. - now it is searched by two operative groups - 20 persons. We have given announcements in all city mass-media - on radio, in newspapers, on television. Besides, we have dispatched orientations almost on all cities of Northern district - in Karpinsk, Serov, Severouralsk, Bottom to Tour and so on.

Maxim Plotnikov has disappeared completely?

on August, 26th has left the house 3 - summer Maxim Plotnikov from village of Cheremissky Rezhevsky area at night. Last time, after midnight, it was heard by the neigbour - it stood on krylechke at home and called the grandmother and the grandfather. Search dogs have picked up a trail which has led to departure from settlement. On this road it is possible to leave in Nevjansk, Rezh, Alapaevsk.

Maxim has left the house only in a T-shirt and shorts. Not clearly, as the small child could pass the whole kilometre on waste ground, through footpaths behind kitchen gardens. The grandmother with the grandfather at which the boy lived, his father with mum even cannot assume that to it could happen. Were converted even to fortunetellers. They have put forward different versions - since abduction and finishing aliens. At that point in time the militia considered that the boy himself has reached road, and there someone has planted it in the car.

- we search till now for Maxim, - Valery BURNT, a press - the secretary of the regional Municipal Department of Internal Affairs has told to us. - we consider some versions. But now in the interests of the investigation I cannot tell about them.

Mother 6 - summer Raphael Gibadulina was and again was lost

In the end of last week neighbours have informed militias that in a hostel two months there lives another`s child. The boy has told to employees of the law and order that his name is Raphael Gibadulin. His mother, 27 - summer Olesya Gibadulina, has left it two months ago at the acquaintance and has disappeared. Yesterday it became known that it all - taki was.

- mother herself has come to militia. Only with themselves it did not have documents on the child, - have informed yesterday in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Ekaterinburg. - it from Bashkiria comes. Gibadulina has promised to bring documents, but has passed four days, and it and has not appeared. The question on deprivation of its parental rights is now solved. We prepare inquiry to Bashkiria. To us she has told that was ill and consequently has left the son of the acquaintance. But we in it do not believe.