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Hot water will not be 27 days

Month of mockeries

Right after May feasts in Bishkek will disconnect hot water. The city population starts to boil water in kastrjulkah the various sizes and is reserved this month skrebochkami for removal of a dirt from a surface of a trunk and kerosene for struggle against louses. The first way is fraught with accidents in the form of the burns, the second is a little asotsialen. However, there is the third way less dangerous, but more zatratnyj financially. I suggest you to go to a bath (literally).

Still the ancient have thought what to wash better hot water, with steam in special premises. On island Crete at excavation the ancient city has been found. For one thousand years before blossoming of Ancient Ellady here already built baths, pools and baths. And in the Ancient Greece for the first time began to build public baths and the laws obliging citizens to visit of them were published.

On my deep belief, bishkekchane should tell many thanks to employees of thermal power station for given to us the annual possibility connected with necessity . During this period of a word you have gone to a bath! sound as a kind wish. We will send each other this year from May, 11th till June, 6th. At once you remember that very long ago was not on a visit at the favourite uncle who lives in suburb, and banka at it hurt! Last year I have collected the company from same not finished washing, and we have organised a labour landing to acquaintances on dachku, where at the same time and poparilis. By the way, before some years our company could not get out together on shish kebabs. So a bath, in addition, also an occasion it is good to sit with friends.

anybody has not found time to construct of your relatives and acquaintances though tiny banku? Go to the public. At these temples of cleanliness it is obligatory to eat buffet or chajhana where true parilshchik will find everything that the organism after wearisome bannogo usually demands a marathon.

brooms are on sale here, on 10 catfishes a piece. By the way, branches Sotsfonda distribute among needing coupons on free visitation of a bath and a hairstyle.

does not arrange service? The prospect to wash in the presence of unfamiliar people confuses? At your service improbable quantity of private saunas. For pleasure and a full relaxation to you will offer poparitsja under supervision skilled parilshchika which will process you a broom with honey and a lemon! Then will give of your steamed out body in charge the masseur, then will dip you into cold pool, and after all this marathon will suggest to sing a karaoke and to send on errands spheres on a pool (at additional expense). Some saunas are limited to a steam room, pool, a bar and a rest room.

the Medical sweating room

the Bath is not only means of struggle against a dirt, but also with many illnesses. If to believe doctors, regular visitation of a sweating room - panacea almost from all illnesses. From thromboses and a bronchitis, hypostases and rheumatism, it is recommended at a cystitis and nephrites, and as at some gynecologic diseases. After a bath the skin status even at those who suffers affliction krapivnitsej, ekzemoj and psoriazom improves. However if at you the oncological diseases, any purulent processes, heavy it is warm - vascular diseases, an elevated pressure, urolithic illness, heavy forms of a diabetes the sweating room is counter-indicative to you. The temperature in a steam room makes from 60 to 100 degrees. Not everyone can transfer such heat. The head has begun to spin, palpitation has become frequent, it is difficult to breathe, a ring in ears - urgently leave in a waiting room.

before to enter into a sweating room, postojte under a hot shower of 5 minutes. In a bath and a sauna it is better to beginners to choose the bottom, most cool shelf. It is better not to be in a sweating room more than 10 - 15 minutes and thus to sit or lie. Otherwise it is possible to receive a heatstroke. Do not do more than 3 - 4 calling in a sweating room. The extreme in the form of a cold shower (but no more is especially greeted than 2 minutes after a steam room!) . Sharp cooling is counter-indicative to people with infringements in blood circulation system.

brooms happen different

the Integral attribute bannogo the masochist - a broom. To the one who did not try, it is difficult to understand that pleasant that on thy naked back whips a bunch of birch branches. And those whom tortured in a similar way, say that they anew were born. At us brooms oak and birch are traditionally used. The chemical analysis of leaves of a birch has shown that in them essence, tannins, vitamin C, provitamin A contain. The oak helps at skin diseases and strong potlivosti. Earlier often were soared by a nettle. If krapivnyj a broom to prepare correctly, it will help from a radiculitis, rheumatism and a gout. Its two times on 2 - shift 3 minutes from hot water in the cold. After that they can be whipped easy - the burn will not be. If in the medical purposes it is necessary, that the nettle burnt down, on 1 - 2 seconds lower a broom in boiled water, and are soared after the skin will get warm.

Zaparivajut a dry broom on - to a miscellaneous. It is possible to take it in hot water, but it is short, differently it will lose aroma. At first with a broom slightly touch a body, then urge on, and it is possible to disperse to the full extent later. Begin with feet and, postegivaja, rise to shoulders, and then back. To repeat procedure it is necessary 4 - 5 times.

P. S.

But if you do not accept the prices, confuses service and you do not trust professionals, be well, reserved kastrjulkami the impressive sizes, tazikami, ladles and develop flexibility. Acrobatic exercises in a bathroom become your entertainment the next month.

how much a bath?