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Pensions will pay in time

According to the chairman of fund of Olga Lavrovoj, all hearings that pensions will be not completely or to be paid at the wrong time, - are unreasonable. Already for the first quarter it has been collected about 119 million catfishes over and above the plan, and in April - 35 million catfishes. In the budget of Social fund KR these means intend not only on payment of pensions, but also on their regular increase.

since March in the country new experiment is entered. Pensioners of a city of Bishkek receive pensions for flowing, instead of for expired month as was earlier. Only in Bishkek the Social fund had to spend For an innovation about 70 million catfishes. Regions too will pass in due course to a new kind of payment of pensions.

one more planned innovation - cardinal pension reform. As has informed the chairman of fund, the money deducted by the population in Sotsfond, invest in development of mortgage system, a securities market and not state funds. Thus, the second insurance part of pensions (memory) could increase considerably. However this experiment was supported by the World bank and IMF, including its rash decision. Because such it is possible only in the presence of the developed insurance and mortgage markets that at us while is not present.


By an anniversary of Victory of veterans of the Great Patriotic War have fed with free dinners in a fund dining room. And on May, 6th in honour of 60 - letija Victories in cafe Bajsal 150 persons from Public association of veterans are invited. This idea has come to mind to chairman Sotsfonda Olga Laurel. Warriors and workers of back will receive on 300 catfishes and gift baskets with foodstuff. For these purposes from the fund budget it has been allocated more than 85 thousand catfishes.