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Scandal around Pinary the Present head of hotel Ruslan Sarymsakov and shareholders of Joint-Stock Company " grows Russian & World News.

; Ak - Keme (the predecessor present Pinary ) Have given to journalists curious documents.

as it is known, the conflict round hostel has begun in 1999. Then Ak - Keme became Pinaroj and former owner Ruslan Sarymsakov has appeared in a pre-trial detention centre where has spent seven months. Shareholders Ak - Keme tried to defend the rights in courts. New owner Fehim Enizhe wrote letters to members of the government, and the submitted claims simply did not consider. So one of shareholders " considers; Ak - Keme Kuruchbek Dospaev and the former head of hostel Ruslan Sarymsakov. Last, by the way, has promised to give to the public of the shorthand report of conversations of Askara Akaeva where it instructs to revive Sarymsakova.

One more interesting fact. In hotel there was a list from 200 VIP - persons whom all services of hotel predo - stavljalis with the big discounts or on a broader scale it is free. These are so-called gold and platinum cards. The ambassador of Turkey goes the first in the list of high promoters. The former Minister of Finance Mederov - the owner of a platinum card - on an honourable third place. Among exempts all members of Arbitration and Sovereign courts who ran business Pinary and also were vitse - the prime minister - the minister of economic development of Zhoomart Otorbaev.

the Former state secretary Osmonakun Ibraimov too appears in the list. The state secretary actively corresponded with Gjursenom Enizhe. Ruslan Sarymsakov has given to journalists a copy of the letter from owners Pinary to the high-ranking official: In reply to your letter from April, 17th, 2003 we inform that the sum specified in the previous letter, has been listed on April, 16th, 2003 on a bill specified in the letter from April, 11th, 2003 .

Present owners also have the documents confirming that from Turkey there came groups of tourists on 7 - 10 days and in hotel had a good time with girls of easy behaviour.

scandal inflames, and a definitive point to put in business still early. In all the court will understand. Probably, we are waited by new exposures as with one, and on the other hand.