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the British doctors surveyed nearby 1000 persons who were born in the Scottish city of Mazeruelle in the end of 60 - h years of the last century. During pregnancy of their mother observed albuminous diet rather popular at that time. Doctors have decided to find out, how it has affected on health already adult children.

the albuminous diet, or a diet of Atkinsa, assumes the unlimited use of meat and fats and an exception of a diet of carbohydrates - sweets, farinaceous food, groats, bread and even sweet fruit and vegetables of type of carrots. Such diet allows to grow thin quickly enough at preservation of muscular weight. Books of doctor Atkinsa were superbest sellers, and its diet is adored by movie stars, singers and on a broader scale fashionable characters.

in the end of 60 - h - the beginning 70 - h years of the last century even some doctors considered that a food on Atkinsu contributes in harmonious formation of an organism of the future child and does it more fine and more strong. Kiddies of Mazeruella (the city name is literally it is possible to translate as good, correct mother ) Scientists from universities of Edinburgh and Southampton surveyed, has informed a site of Bi - bi - si. Inspection has shown that all at all so is good and correct. At many of them in 30 - 35 years the raised level of a blood pressure and stress hormones, and also deviations (in both parties) sugar level in blood. This all factors of the raised risk of development of a diabetes and is warm - vascular diseases.

- when the future mother keeps unbalanced on structure of products to a diet, in its organism development of hormones of stress raises, - has declared the head of research doctor Rebekka Rejnolds. Is, in turn, influences a fruit since the very first days of its development and affects on health of the child many long years later.

Many young women and observe today unbalanced on structure diets of type of a diet of Atkinsa, the doctor Kate Godfri from University of Southampton considers. They should know well: If will want to give birth to the child, their habits of a food can influence its health in very long-term future. Research, doctors believe, will allow to develop recommendations for pregnant women that they ate, without putting harm to the future child.

by the way, doctor Atkins suffered affliction adiposity (at growth of 180 sm weighed 117 kg), had a high pressure and heart troubles.

an exception - always harm

- Any reduced diet, that is excluding any kind of products, allows to lower quickly enough weight, - the candidate of medical sciences Alexey Stenin, the head of branch of a medical and preventive food of scientific research institute of a food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science believes. - this results from the fact that from all an orchestra fermentativnyh systems in this case sounds only a violin . And the quantity of the nutrients arriving in an organism, decreases. But there is a serious risk to overload this system and to break its normal work. We will tell, to call a heavy pancreatitis or a cholecystitis. Our position: the diet should be balanced, various, and it is possible to use a reduction not more often one - two days in a week. It is good all known days of limited intake of food - apple, kefiric, banana and etc. But them it is necessary to observe, considering a state of health.