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5 bishkekchan have broken on May, 9th

Under the operative data of Management of the State traffic inspectorate of Bishkek, the tragedy has occurred presumably in 9. 40. The driver of a minibus, moving on a roundabout line, villages opposite Mykan, has unexpectedly left on a counter strip. Into this moment in a minibus ran flying towards legkovushka Audi - 100.

- It was found out that busik during turn has overturned, - the chief of department of preventive maintenance and the analysis of transport incidents of capital UGAI the colonel of militia Batyrbek Satybekov specifies. - Remain the car on wheels, probably, failure consequences would be not so sad.

six victims of collision have got traumas of different severity level. As employees " have informed the correspondent; first aid victims delivered in city clinics. Upon incident criminal case is brought. Its materials on Monday have been left in the Department of Internal Affairs of Chujsky area. Now inspectors fulfil some versions of the happened. Most likely the malfunction of a steering of a minibus became the drama reason, the workers who have visited on a scene of investigatory department ROVD of Alamudunsky area of area mark. Both drivers of the faced motor vehicles are with traumas in resuscitation.