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Have sat down rage in the south

Village Kyzylbel of Batkensky area still for a long time will come from itself after the rain which has spilt on May, 4th and descended for it selej. As informs a press - service MeicHs, water has impounded 10 apartment houses and 40 garden sites, and 120 - metre seleotvodnyj the channel is filled up. Intraeconomic roads and aryki are destroyed and brought by a dirt. The situation was aggravated next day. On May, 5th approximately in 16. 30 hours there has passed the repeated earth flow which has impounded 10 more apartment houses and 30 garden sites. Now rescuers and representatives of groups of civil defence in common with experts of Department of monitoring of MeiChS KR carry investigation and clear court yard and kitchen gardens from selevyh deposits. In village Dostuk 5 apartment houses and 24 garden sites have suffered from this misfortune.

in the city of Kyzyl - Kija is created a staff and 5 operative groups for carrying out of inspection of the suffered areas and specification of the put damage are organised. The chief of civil defence and the mayor supervise over actions. Sel on May, 4th has destroyed one temporary barracks and the foot bridge, and also has impounded about 150 court yard. But it was only rehearsal . Already next day has passed a repeated earth flow from which has suffered about 600 apartment houses, hozpostroek and kitchen gardens. 25 houses are completely destroyed and more than 100 demand major repairs. Inhabitants of the suffered houses are temporarily evacuated in TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE hostels. For them the hot meals are organised. Victims are not present.

After the past on May, 5th lodging driving a part of a highway of the city of Majluu - Suu zailena, more than 100 personal plots, kitchen gardens at night, apartment houses are deluged, 3 bridges have suffered.

and the Nookatsky area of the Osh area already recovers from the blow put selem on May, 2nd. Rescuers and forces GO have cleared 60 personal plots and court yard and seleotvodnyj the channel. Works proceed.