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The picture of death does not want to leave Tequila

last week the very first decent fate - an institution in capital - fate - club Tequila a blues marked 11 - letie. About hundred fans of fate two days came off. In honour the birthday man have won back almost all sign groups of Bishkek. By all interested person did piercing and sold the pictures decorating walls of club. On auction have exposed 7 masterpieces executed in the different technics (was even written by ball pens) to raise money for repair of club after commemorating. The starting prices were in some tens catfishes, but necessarily terminated on unit. The greatest picture of club on which the death with a candle is represented, has bought 21 - summer bishkekchanin Evgenie. As itself speaks, for a trick. In 111 catfishes it has increased the starting price in 2 times. And here something has begun to be created not clear. While Evgenie searched for the car (a picture very big), the cloth has disappeared. It was then found out that the group of maidens has simply pulled down it and has hidden under the little table. When Evgenie has brought creation home, relatives have rebelled. The grandmother has refused flatly to start up the grandson home with these evil spirits. The strange cloth as if did not want to remain with the guy. As a result Evgenie has been urged to advertise for a popular city forum in sale of an unusual picture. Readers also can buy a curiosity. Evgenie`s co-ordinates are in edition. Whence a picture? Even employees of club cannot precisely remember, whence there was this strange picture. But it hung very much for a long time - almost from the very beginning of the club basis. Habitues say that it was written by one of regular customers of an institution and has presented to the owner in gratitude for perfectly spent time. Since then this artist nobody saw