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We prepare the child for school

If before children anybody especially did not prepare for school, now the situation has sharply changed. Children became others. Today they it is cleverer than the predecessors, scientists confirm. Also the school program in due course has changed - there were new subjects, various foreign languages and many other things. There is a question: a leah it is necessary to prepare the child for school, and if yes when it should be begun? Undoubtedly, we are obliged it to make. But how? The same as at school: books, writing-books, estimations? No, in nowise! We should prepare it for school as would prepare it simply for life.

well here, for example, schooling of the child to an elementary order is preparation for school is it is possible to begin with 2 - 3 years. Development of informative processes occurs, when mum with the child goes to park and talks to it: Look, it is a camomile. It what? What at it lepestochki? And here a violet. It what? What at them similar, and what a miscellaneous? . And they together pronounce it. Here it also is development of informative processes. It is the best preparation for school in 3 - 4 years. At the age of 5 - 6 years it is possible to start to learn to read and consider the child.

in our practice parents of children simply train. The child develops under the immutable law of the nature - from simple to difficult, from evident - figurative to abstract - logic. And when parents aspire as soon as possible to teach to consider and write the child, they do not take that letters and figures are categories of formal thinking in attention. The brain 3 - 4 - the summer child for them has not blossomed yet. We scoff at the child when we force it to understand not clear to it while things, and more we are terribly irritated from - for it: Elementary you do not understand! . The child, seeing our reaction, it is frightened, he feels such unpleasant emotions that, probably, it will be very difficult to it to be converted further to us behind the help. He will be afraid to afflict parents. Can appear a complex of the loser and even to develop proof disgust for doctrine process on a broader scale.

But, preparing the child for school, it is necessary to remember that at preschool age feelings, emotions are more developed, and subject knowledge will appear later. We should make so that the child wanted to receive this knowledge that it was interesting to it. Process of preparation for school should be in the form of game.

We are engaged at home

When we regularly read to the child books there can come the moment when the kid will start to look through independently the favourite book and on memory to accompany an illustration the text. Then he declares everything that reads. And here it is necessary to use this desire to learn to read. Make it so. At first you together consider large letters and name sounds which they designate. It is not necessary to explain to children that you learn them to read, differently some, especially obstinate, at once will start to resist. Then you draw letters and paint them. It already training to the letter (represent only printing letters). About letters it is possible to compose fairy tales, stories, to animate them. And then letters can to make friends for example: M - And, M - And, M - U. You have brought the kid to reading on syllables! Do not hurry the child, continue to read it fairy tales with bright pictures and large letters. Try to accompany the text manual tracking, i.e. spend the finger on readable lines. It will accelerate training process. When it has learnt reading receptions, there is a necessity of exercises. Here again advice: every day on 15 - 20 minutes will give bolshy result, than two hours per the days off. If the child does not want to practise in everyday reading, play in game Notes with a secret where large printing letters will write something very interesting.

the bill... It should train too gradually. Necessarily, naming figure, correlate it to quantity of subjects. Otherwise at the kid concept development " is broken; number . In a life, house conditions it fixes the bill, helping to set the table. Let the child considers toys, floors, entrances and etc. Sometimes it is necessary to create conditions for the decision of problems. (Us three, and two spoons. How much does not suffice?) Then the bill becomes for it clear, and training natural and easy.

that it is necessary to remember always? Children are emotionally sympathetic, therefore if you would not like to play any game or you badly feel yourselves, postpone employment is better. With bad mood, with a great effort do not approach to the child on purpose to something to teach. It will not bring advantage. You should have a desire. In this case positive atmosphere for mastering and development is created.


has already begun a set in some schools of capital. How much your child is ready to one of the pivotal events in his life, you can define by means of our test. A leah

the child is ready to school?

1. A leah wants to go your child to school?

2. A leah involves your child at school what in it will be interesting to study and he learns much?

3. Leah can be engaged in your child independently any business demanding concentration within 30 minutes (for example to collect the designer)?

4. A leah correctly, what your child in the presence of unfamiliar at all does not hesitate?

5. Leah Umet your child to make stories on a picture is shorter, than from five offers?

6. A leah can tell your child by heart some poems?

7. A leah is able to change the child nouns on numbers?

8. A leah is able to spell your child or better still, the whole words?

9. A leah is able to consider your child to ten and back?

10. A leah can solve your child simple problems on subtraction and unit addition?

11. A leah correctly, what your child has a firm hand?

12. A leah likes to draw and paint your child pictures?

13. A leah can use your child scissors and glue (for example to do applications)?

14. Leah can collect your child the cut picture from five parts for one minute?

15. A leah knows your child of the name wild and pets?

16. A leah can generalise your child concepts (for example to name in a word vegetables tomatoes, carrots, an onion)?

17. A leah likes to be engaged independently your child - to draw, collect a mosaic and etc.?

18. A leah can understand your child and is exact carry out verbal instructions?

each affirmative reply - 1 point.

Now count up quantity of affirmative replies on test questions. If it makes:

15 - - it is possible to consider 18 points that the child is quite ready to going to school. You it is not vain much with it were engaged, and school difficulties if will arise, will be easily surmountable;

10 - 14 points - you on the right track, the child to much has learnt, and the maintenance of questions to which you have responded negation, will prompt you points of the application of the further efforts;

it is less 9 - honour the special literature, try to give to more time to employment with the child and will pay special attention on what he is not able!