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Osmonaly : the soldier prinimaliza horned

About a course of the Great Patriotic War it is much more interesting to learn not from historical books, and from a mouth of eyewitnesses and participants of the most bloody war of the XX-th century. The veteran of the Great Patriotic War colonel Ismankulov Osmonaly Ismankulovich has told on May, 9th to our the story of Victory

We talked on - kyrgyzski under bombs

Kirghizia on front was left by 363000 persons. Among recruits there was also Osmonaly Ismankulov which by then have ended only eight classes.

- we have been directed to a military college in a city of Mary (Turkmenistan) for preparation of commanders of machine-gun divisions. After eight months of training we have been appointed by commanders of platoons and sent on a front line. I have got on a front line in April, 1943. The fight place has been entirely covered by corpses At whom there is no head, hands, feet the blood Sea. It was the terrible picture, - the former commander of a platoon to whom then was only 17 years shares heavy memories.

in spite of the fact that from Kirghizia on war the person is cunningly a lot of, Osmonaly Ismankulovich has not met one compatriot up to 1944.

there were difficult fights: bullets whistled, shells were torn, bombs nearby have appeared At this time two captains unknown to us. One of them was the Asian type, and another European. The first has approached at once to me and has asked: You the Kazakh or kyrgyz? . Having learnt that I kyrgyz also come the Penalty - Balty, my compatriot has quickened at once. Has told that happened in my native village when prepared cavalry divisions. He so admired beauty of the nature of my native places, beauty of the rivers so poetically described the mounts covered with multi-coloured tulips that I then have thought: My God, what beautiful places are at us in the homeland! - remembers Osmonaly Ismankulovich.

Known poet Temirkul Umetaliev has appeared Compatriot Ismankulova. At that time it worked in the army newspaper, wrote about bloody fights.

- see you with Umetalievym I began to notice behind myself that have started to forget native speech. That I was the only thing kyrgyzom in the to a regiment, discomfort any it was not felt. In the war all of us were brothers. The only thing, I grieved for dialogue in a native language. And when has met Temirkula Umetalieva, has heard its reference to me in the Kirghiz language, I have felt huge pleasure. Bullets around whistled and bombs were broken off, and I worried, as though my fellow countryman has not left. I so would like to talk longer to it, was afraid not to meet any more it, - c Osmonaly Ismankulovich.

But to it it was still fated to meet time and again, both in the war and later in the homeland.

the Most terrible for the Dzhigit - to cross the river

According to Osmonaly Ismankulovicha, it was especially heavy to overcome to the Kirghiz fighters in fight water barriers. Very few people from them was able to float, after all the rivers in the Kirghiz edges were rapid and ice. Unless to plunge - and at once on coast.

- once us have collected in a staff and have set the task: to cross through Danube. We should on signal of the green rocket be forwarded to 2 o`clock in the morning on opposite coast where the opponent has settled down, and to grasp it. Have built self-made rafts from dosochek, bruskov or the cut down trees. The attack moment and when we have reached the middle of the river which have found out us Germans has come have opened fire. Everywhere groans and shouts of the wounded men rolling were distributed. It seemed that we have come to be in a hell. When survived it was possible to reach the opponent, hand-to-hand fight has inflamed. Gradually Germans have started to recede. And then we have spent the whole week in a pursuit of fascists so that we portjanki have grown to feet, - with heavy heart the veteran remembers.

- once our division should replace the lost soldiers on the advanced line, - Ismankulov tells. - the order Has been given to go in the afternoon along a railway way. To go on such foreground it was very dangerous. We almost were found out at once by fascist aircraft. In the beginning over us the first scout, then the second for acknowledgement of the report of the first has flown by. There was an order anyway to continue a way. And here group attack of ten attack planes has begun. One planes replaced others. Attack planes pursued each fighter. By the night in live does not remain almost anybody. I and several fighters managed to escape

Friends - brother-soldiers: Osipov from Ukraine, Kosolapov from Russia and Ismankulov from Kyrgyzstan.

At the Soviet people of a horn grow?

Osmonaly Ismankulovich took part in clearing of Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria.

- us met as deliverers with shouts: Long live the Soviet people! . Showered colours, treated with meal and gave horses. I, being the commander, felt special pride of the Soviet army.

However, some inhabitants met the Soviet people with some confusion and surprise. Fascists have tried to inspire to people feeling of hatred to the Soviet soldiers.

there was such case when we were in Budapest. One townspeople have asked to allow to touch to it my head. I very much was surprised: Excuse, and what is the matter? . He absolutely seriously responded: It is said that at the Soviet people of a horn grow! . I had to allow to it to feel and survey my head. Having convinced that no horns at me are present, inhabitants were surprised. Then I have asked them: And if fascists have told, what at the Soviet people noses how trunks of elephants, you too would believe? . Those in the answer have good-natured burst out laughing.

tea has descended for a bomb splinter

- There was a difficult fight, - remembers Osmonaly Ismankulovich. - Each of us has fast dug to itself an entrenchment and has hidden from bullets and shells. I lie in an entrenchment and suddenly I feel - something has fallen to me, and on a back has hotter spread. I have thought that, probably, where - that the bomb and a splinter from it was nearby broke off has got to me. Has started to worry, who will pull out me now from an entrenchment? But then the pain has started to abate, and I have looked back. It has appeared, one of our soldiers has fallen to me, and instead of a bomb splinter has burnt the poured hot tea of that fighter, - the colonel has burst out laughing. - with a food at us was hardly, got out as could. Dug a potato on fields, chewed an oil cake. Pulled out deep entrenchments that the enemy has not noticed the dissolved fire at night, and cooked a potato or corn, - remembers Osmonaly Ismankulovich.

Certainly, kind inhabitants who treated soldiers came across also. And once commander Ismankulov even has exchanged the fur sleeveless jacket for some litres of milk for the soldiers.

we have defeated!

the Message about Great Victory of the Soviet army over fascist Germany has found Ismankulova in Austria, nearby to the city of Graz.

about it we have heard from a mouth of captain Temirkula Umetalieva. It has come to congratulate us on victory. Later my friends - Osipov from Ukraine and Kosolapov from Russia - asked me about it. I with pride responded that it is my fellow countryman!

the way back home has passed Osmonaly Ismankulov on foot for 2,5 months.

- Road home have overcome with a light heart from consciousness of victory. Tightened, elegant, under music of a military orchestra we passed on cities. One grandfather has told to us: As Hitler could believe that can win such amicable, numerous Soviet people, with such high fighting spirit! .

Osmonaly Ismankulov is awarded by seven orders and several medals. It was three times wounded in fight

- this year 60 - letija Great Victory I take pride also pleasure of that our people live in peace conditions 60 years all these. Let and further the world and well-being over our native land reign only! Veterans of the Great Patriotic War I wish long and strong years of life that were not ill and more often had a feeling of pleasure!