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Licence cleaning of the First channel

Since May, 16th, 2005 the exclusive representative the First channel in Kyrgyzstan the broadcasting company " is; the New television network Bishkek . Such information was found out by our journalists on a corporate site the First channel www. channelonerussia. com. Management NTS has explained to the correspondent in Kyrgyzstan that within last several months between the Russian and Kirghiz parties serious business negotiations were carried on for returning of an announcement of transfers the First channel in territory of Kyrgyzstan in a legal field.

according to requirements of licence agreements and conditions of author`s contracts administration the First legal documents with regional TV channel which represents its interests in territory of the Kirghiz Republic have been signed. It is one of the first steps which Russians for struggle against pirates on all space of the CIS intend to undertake.

according to representatives the First channel unfortunately, in territory of the former Soviet republics began norm to relay signals of the Russian broadcasting companies illegally. This time TV men put a rigid problem to result process of translation of programs the First in conformity with norms Russian, Kirghiz and international law. Management NTS has given the notification message addressed to state bodies of the Kirghiz Republic in which the information that since May, 16th, 2005 exclusive rights on TV channel distribution " contains; the First channel in networks of radio, cable and cellular television (MMDS, LMDS, MVDS, Mitris ) In territory of the Kirghiz Republic it is given the television company the New television network .

From its part edition in Kyrgyzstan congratulates the colleagues on an appropriation of new, interesting partner relations with rating Russian TV channel! In to the fatty you always will find a program schedule the First channel and announcements of the most interesting TV programs.

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