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Gasoline can rise in price for 3 catfishes

NK the Alliance denies the accessory to the family property. And numerous repeated checks considers unreasonable.

simple consumers, however, the question more interests: a leah will suffice some fuel and how much it will cost? Head responded to these questions Munaj Myrza Oil Uhlan Bazarkulov. It is known that negotiations with Kazakhstan were conducted about 20 thousand tons of fuel when has put cunningly before contract signing, have allocated only 10 thousand. Pleases one: stocks for May will suffice, and since June, 1st in Kazakhstan will resolve fuel export for a hillock. Sowing works are already almost finished, so in this sphere of problems are not present, Uhlan Bazarkulov has noted.

But it does not mean at all that a situation under control. In connection with unbounded checks financially - company economic activities many partners from Kazakhstan and Russia are afraid to deliver fuel in republic. And it in spite of the fact that the absolute down payment is already made. From - for fears of investors gasoline deliveries were reduced to 30 %. Further more negative variant of development of a situation is possible: reduction of volume of deliveries on 50 - 60 %, and accordingly gasoline litre will rise in price on the average for 3 catfishes. Inevitable deficiency will make 30 - 35 % from requirements of the country.

as a result of falling of legal import contraband growth has begun. Today it is 39 % from all requirements of the country. Further it is not excluded that the percent will rise to 72. In this case the treasury will lose on 2,72 million catfishes a day.

in forecasts for May clearly one - the prices for a diesel engine in Russia will not fall. Nevertheless petrotraders it is oath have promised not to lift up the price it is artificial.